– Equipment that takes care of suction… no need for assistance in dental treatments

– Concomitant use with aerosol suction equipment lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection

Dentaluv, the dental equipment development specialist aiming at improving the treatment environment, recently finished development and started selling its new equipment “Suction Free” in Korea in the first half of this year. Here, this equipment showed effectiveness in creating a new system in dental treatment and improving the medical treatment environment, thus drawing attention from the dental clinics. Suction Free was designed to enable dentists to provide treatment without help from the assistants. It replaces the role of assistants who had to stand by the dentists and hold the suction equipment.

Song JeongHwa, the CEO of Dentaluv, said, “I thought if there is an equipment that can replace the suction work, which accounts for more than 70% of the work of the assistant staff, it could greatly reduce the fatigue coming from work and dependence on the assistants, and later bring changes to the dental treatment system. That was how I started developing the suction assisting equipment.” She also said, “There is a shortage of dental assistants in the dentistry, and if Suction Free can take care of the suction part, this problem can be solved, and the staff can focus on other tasks. In the long run, it can also lead to increased hospital revenue by reducing labor costs.”

Suction Free is a product developed by a dentist in a dental hospital lab, and it went through a three-year development process and clinical trials. Dentaluv introduces vivid reviews from dental clinics that had purchased Dentaluv in its YouTube channel and shares various ways of using it. Now, with concerns about aerosol infections is increasing due to COVID-19, concomitant use of Suction Free with various aerosol suction equipment was proven to be very easy by many cases, and this increased the attention from the relevant industries like dental hospitals.

“The concept of ‘assist-free,’ which has recently emerged as a new topic in the dental world, will soon become a necessity rather than a matter of choice,” said Song. She added, “Some dentists are waiting for AI or assistant robots to come out, but it will not be easy due to cost and other ongoing problems.” On the other hand, the reasonably priced Suction Free can be connected to the chairs dentists already have, thus not needing a separate space for installation. It is also designed to fit any space.

Along with domestic sales, Dentaluv is also looking for business partners for overseas expansion. “We plan to first enter the US, Japan, and European markets, the places also having difficulties due to labor shortages and high labor cost,” said Song. She then said, “As dental equipment expos in Korea and overseas have been canceled due to the COVID pandemic, it became harder for us to do PR and marketing activities. However, despite the situation, we were still able to record 70 million won of sales in just four months since June when we first entered the domestic market. This proves the potential of our product in the market. We are going to actively participate in sales channel exploration programs such as online conferences, and we are going to continue marketing activities in both online and offline channels, including YouTube.”

Along with this, Dentaluv is preparing to take a step up to a higher level in 2021 by developing new products and attracting investments. Song ended the interview by evaluating Pangyo as “the place to share positive energy among so many great startups and growth occurs by networking,” and promised “to receive the great energy which the space called Pangyo gives and develop Dentaluv as a global medical device manufacturing and exporting company within five years.”