– Supplying 4mil/month to US gov’t agencies

– KF94 mask supply to expand to all 50 US states in the future

The mask manufacturer Hancom Healthcare (CEO Oh Byung-jin) affiliated with Hancom (030520) will be exporting four million pieces of KF94 masks per month to US government agencies.

Hancom Healthcare signed a contract with Huons Global USA and E6 Equity, a local partner of Huons Global USA to supply KF94 masks to the state government of Washington and affiliated organizations in the US. Huons Global USA is an American subsidiary of Huons Global in Korea (Vice Chairman Yun Seong-tae), and E6 Equity is a company that specializes in supplying PPE to US government agencies.

Hancom Healthcare secured high reliability in quality by supplying KF94 masks to the city of Seattle, the fire department, and

University of Washington School of Medicine for the first time in Korea without FDA approval through Huons Global USA in July and August. Proven from this, it signed a contract to supply KF94 masks to US government agencies without FDA approval.

Hancom Healthcare (formerly Daeyoung Healthcare), which was acquired as a subsidiary by Hancom Lifecare (CEO Woo Joon-seok) in March this year, is expected to have a production system capable of supplying 600 million units per year from this October through continuous increase in production facilities. Currently, it is expanding to overseas markets by starting exports to Southeast Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as to Germany and Australia.

An official from Hancom Healthcare said, “Thanks to the government’s ease of restrictions on mask export recently, we have successfully exported to the US government agencies with the efforts to secure overseas export channels. Now, we are planning to open up new sales channels with our partners to expand the supply to all 50 US states.”

Established in 1971, Hancom Lifecare is Korea’s no. 1 personal safety equipment company in Korea that produces and supplies various safety equipment such as air respirators, heat radiation suits, fire suits, firefighting chemical protective suits, and masks. It was acquired by Hancom in 2017 Since last year, it has started B2C business such as yellow dust prevention masks and disaster safety kits, and has entered the smart city field through the development of an advanced fire safety control platform. It is also actively seeking to expand overseas markets.