Yorinori offers a variety of products and services for people who are looking for pleasure in cooking. AVING News interviewed Park Jeong-su, the CEO of Yorinori, which participated in the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) Seoul Food Startup Center.

Please introduce the company and the products!

Hi. This is Park Jeong-su, the CEO of Yorinori. The brand Yorinori is a brand that processes and distributes a variety of ingredients and raw materials for those who enjoy cooking as a hobby or often cook, so they can enjoy the cooking process with fun.

For example, even white salt comes in various grains, from fine to coarse. As we blended the salt with raw ingredients, we realized there is always the right salt for the right food when it is paired off with food.

For example, some people prefer wasabi-flavored salt instead of wasabi paste. They like the sting that the wasabi gives when you tap food into the salt. To create that, we focus on the texture of the salt.

For our wine salt, we recommend it to tap the steak. You’ll first taste the saltiness, and then various herb aroma comes up in harmony, complementing the food. To create this, we are mixing the coarse particle and finer herbs according to our own recipe.

To summarize, we are not simply blending with salt, but are actually calculating how it would taste when it is paired with food. We thought about what kind of taste we should deliver to our customers when we made our products.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently, our butter is a steady-selling product. It comes in three flavors, tomato, garlic herb, and maple cinnamon. We are planning to add new type every month. First, it’s corn butter. Corns are emerging as a popular food item, starting with Chodang corn. We are so curious about customer’s reactions when it is mixed with butter.

Do you have plans to enter the global market? If so, which country are you thinking of?

The first market we thought of was the US market. The ingredients of the compound butter, blended salt, and herbal salt produced by Yorinori originate from the US, European markets. If you target these markets, we wouldn’t need too much persuasion.

Another reason is that the US has good crowdfunding system like Wadiz in Korea.  We can run crowdfunding by collaborating with the company there, and we can verify whether the current branding is safe and there is a market to sell. After establishing a position in Korea, we plan to enter the US market as a test market first.

What is your aim in operating the company?

The company’s brand name is Yorinori, and as you know, it is a compound word of cooking and play. There are more people who enjoy cooking as a hobby or play, rather than as an essential household activity. These people are more interested in items that are unique and different than ordinary looking materials. So, we thought about how to develop items that the customers can be more interested in, and that’s how we came with the brand name Yorinori. We are currently manufacturing processed salt and butter that fits our brand name and brand philosophy.

Seoul Food Startup Center, which participated in MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) is providing support to the agri-food-related companies come up with innovative ideas and new products. It is supporting food processing technology, licensing, patents, design, and promotional marketing so that agricultural products can be reborn as high-value products. Various startup support services such as ▴Startup training ▴Mentoring ▴Consulting ▴Investment connection are prepared.

The official of the center said, “We are fostering start-up agri-food companies to help develop new competitive products. This is going to lead to the exports of Korea’s excellent agri-food and create more jobs, becoming a new growth engine for Seoul.”

The global news network AVING News has begun holding the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) to help small and medium-sized companies enter the market and attract investment 365 days a year’ AVING News has been running online exhibitions since 2005 and had 975 online exhibitions so far. Its YouTube online exhibition has placed itself as Korea’s largest online exhibition hall that opens with 19,000 videos (booths) with more than 800,000 visits per month which means more than 10 million visits per year.

The MIK HOT SPOT online exhibition is scheduled to be held regularly according to the field, target market, and participating institutions, and it will be presented as a new type of online business by transforming the know-hows and values of the participating companies according to the trend. Companies that want to participate can apply and apply through the marketing support projects from supporting institutions in the local governments. Refer to the institutions for more information.

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