[MIK Hot Spot_Gwangju/Jeonnam] Hyunsung F&B introduces easy and fun AI cooking device that works with barcode recognition

Hyunsung F&B participated in the MIK Hot Spot (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) Gwangju/Jeonnam and introduced its barcode recognizing AI cooking device with high hopes of meeting buyers and investors.

Hyunsung F&B’’s barcode recognition AI cooking device is a fully automatic cooking system that automatically adjusts the amount of water, cooking time, and heating temperature by simply scanning the barcode even if you are not familiar with the cooking method. Also, the induction cooking system significantly reduces accidents that can occur during self-cooking, such as preventing burns by direct heat, and improves power savings by reducing cooking time.

The CEO said, “I want to make Hyunsung F&B a company that changes by facing challenges, and develops by changing. “It is a company that presents the value and future of new lives of modern people, but under the ideology that customer happiness comes first, we will do our best to create a resting place for vitality and a life culture space for happiness.” He then said, “I want to achieve business growth after actively communicating with domestic and foreign stakeholders.”

Online marketing is taking more roles these days due to the COVID-19 issue. Since the limitation on the offline activities is applied to the companies as well as the investors and buyers, many are looking for company information online. In this day and age, online convention has transformed itself from being an alternative to the main trend. In particular, it is expected that the “video” that delivers company information will play the role of a company’s “SFO (Store, Factory, Office)” at the final point of communication.

For this, the global news network AVING News has begun holding the MIK Hot Spot (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) to help small and medium-sized companies enter the market and attract investment on April 9, 365 days a year. Already, more than 90% of AVING’s main subscribers are clients of companies, such as buyers, consumers, and investors who search for specific products and company information. AVING News contents are surely ‘”SOF (Store, Office, Factory)” by itself, making it a very attractive exhibition hall in that sense.

AVING News has been running online exhibitions since 2005 and had 975 online exhibitions so far. Its YouTube online exhibition has placed itself as Korea’s largest online exhibition hall that opens 365 days a year with 19,000 videos (booths) with more than 800,000 visits per month which means more than 10 million visits per year.

Based on the accumulated online and offline network, the MIK Hot Spot online exhibition is scheduled to be held regularly according to the field, target market, and participating institutions, and it will be presented as a new type of online business by transforming the know-hows and values of the participating companies according to the trend. Companies that want to participate can apply and apply through the marketing support projects from supporting institutions in the local governments. Refer to the institutions for more information.

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