○ To be held for three days from Oct 15-17 in the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley areas

 – Korea’s major autonomous driving mobility startups like Bear Robotics, Dogugonggan, and VD Company to participate

 – Introducing various autonomous mobility technologies and services in preparation for the post-COVID era

Visitors looking at the autonomous driving mobility of participating companies at the square

The 4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show (PAMS 2020), where you can see future autonomous mobility technologies and services at a glance, started in the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley areas for three days on Oct. 15.

This event of seeing various autonomous mobility technologies and services in the post-COVID era is hosted by Gyeonggi-do and jointly organized by KINTEX and NIPA. It will be held until Oct. 17 .

At the event, a number of promising autonomous mobility startups in Korea such as ▲Bear Robotics ▲VD Company ▲Dogugonggan ▲Exarobotics ▲Twinny ▲Steam Maker ▲UVify and ▲SWM participated, and demonstrated a non-face-to-face service combining autonomous driving technology, autonomous driving technology exhibition in daily life, Gyeonggi-do Zero Shuttle test drive, and autonomous driving rally/delivery mobility contest for three days.

The visitors are experiencing the Zero Shuttle, Gyeonggi-do’s autonomous driving shuttle at Pangyo Square.

‘#UNTACT #CONNECT’, a venue for demonstration of non-face-to-face service with self-driving technology

‘#UNTACT #CONNECT’, which is prepared to promote the commercialization of non-face-to-face technology by autonomous driving start-up companies, is the core content of this event. It is the program that gives an opportunity for the individuals and companies to experience the autonomous driving mobility service.

Service demonstrations will be held at the workplaces selected by the preliminary contest and in Pangyo. Visitors will be able to see autonomous driving quarantine robots for non-face-to-face quarantine, non-face-to-face serving robots for catering companies visited by many customers, autonomous driving security robots, and high-efficiency cleaning robots made by combining autonomous driving technology and industrial vacuum cleaners. The demonstration can also be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show after the event period ends.

Visitors looking at the autonomous driving mobility of participating companies at the square

Pangyo Autonomous Driving Plaza where you can see the present and future of autonomous mobility technology at a glance

From Oct. 15 to 17, in the plaza in front of Exit 3 of Pangyo Station, the ‘Pangyo Autonomous Driving Plaza’ where Pangyo Zero City’s self-driving demonstration results and autonomous driving mobility technology will be displayed will be set up.

Here, visitors will be able to see the autonomous driving technology being developed in Pangyo Zero City, examples of its application, and introduction of the companies that are demonstrating, and non-face-to-face autonomous mobility products that can be applied in the post-corona era, and the core autonomous driving policies of Gyeonggi-do. Considering that it is an open space that anyone can see, the event venue has been designed in one direction, and measures to prevent COVID-19 infection such as check-in with a QR code for visitors and frequent disinfection will be implemented.

The autonomous driving serving robot Foodoobot from VD Company is delivering food to the customers. The restaurant is located at the 1st Pangyo Technovalley.

‘Autonomous driving rally’ demonstrating delivery service by using autonomous driving mobility

On Oct. 17, the last day of the event, the autonomous driving rally will be held in which companies, universities, and research institutes that possess autonomous mobility technology will be linked to demonstrate continuous delivery of goods by using drones, autonomous vehicles, and delivery mobility.

To this end, the operation committee set up a section dedicated to the rally from Botdeul Reservoir Park ↔ Avenue Franc Pangyo ↔ Pangyo Station Exit 3. The rally is conducted in four stages: ordering goods through the exclusive app, first air delivery through autonomous drones, secondary delivery through autonomous vehicles on highways, and last mile delivery by using small delivery mobility. This event, which reproduces the completed smart mobility service, will be aired on YouTube.

Visitors looking at the autonomous driving mobility of participating companies at the square

Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Driving Delivery Mobility Contest to foster future autonomous driving technology talents

The Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Delivery Mobility Contest will also held to foster future autonomous driving technology talents. This competition, which is held for students in departments and clubs related to autonomous driving within the university, will conduct final screening on Oct. 17, the last day of the event, based on the autonomous driving delivery mobility platform provided in advance by the final five teams.

Also, there will be Gyeonggi-do Zero Shuttle Test Drive, a general visitor participatory event to experience the future autonomous driving environment, and Autonomous Driving Challenge, a participatory competitive technology development event to revitalize Pangyo Zero City.

Lim Moon-young, Gyeonggi-do Future Growth Policy Officer, said, “The core of the current COVID era, which has no choice but to coexist with COVID-19, is in non-face-to-face technology, and autonomous driving mobility is at the center of the change. I hope that you can feel the future life ahead of you by looking at this event.”