– Meeting a variety of service robots specialized in each field such as serving, disinfection, delivery, and logistics transportation at service demonstrations

– Many companies participate in the “autonomous driving rally” program to reproduce goods delivery service using autonomous driving mobility

– Video content introducing autonomous driving technology “smart autonomous driving life” unveils, and a special walk-through exhibition hall in operation


Promising companies like startups leading the autonomous driving industry will participate in the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show (PAMS 2020)’ held in the 1st and 2nd Pangyo Technovalley areas from Oct. 15 to 17 to provide a variety of programs.

The autonomous driving companies participating in this event will focus on providing opportunities for ordinary citizens to experience products. In particular, the self-driving mobility service demonstration “#UNTACT #CONNECT” will be held throughout the event to show a wide variety of robots that integrated the untact autonomous driving technology which is receiving more attention in the COVID-19 era.

First, visitors will see the patrol robot “Corso” from Dogugonggan, a company specializing in autonomous driving robots, patrolling the apartment complex. Corso is a patrol robot that drives autonomously in a designated area and has a function to detect dangerous situations, detect gas leaks and fire, and transmit the current situation to the control room in real-time.

Bear Robotics, a leader in AI service robots participating in this program, will introduce a smart food service robot “Servi” equipped with a multifunctional tray system. Bare Robotics, which pursues a big change in the food service industry through robots and AI technology, aims to help service workers operate more efficiently with more than 15 years of experience in AI market and technical capabilities. The robot service, which can be seen at this event, will perform safely even in crowded restaurants with fast and accurate autonomous driving and remote monitoring support.

VD Company_Pudubot

VD Company, which pioneered the serving robot market for the first time in Korea, will also introduce the autonomous-driving serving robot “Pudubot” and the autonomous driving disinfection robot “PuDoctor.” Pudubot boasts a neat exterior that grabbed the Red Dot Design Award, and PuDoctor is expected to receive a lot of attention as the interest in quarantine has increased in all directions in the COVID-19 era due to its intelligent disinfection plan and excellent disinfection effect.

“Exarobotics,” a company specializing in AI robots and IoT, plans to implement mobility services in daily life in the era of autonomous driving with various AI robots such as delivery, serving, sterilization, guidance, cooking, and healthcare robots. The company provides the world’s first new concept smart building solution by integrating AI robot, IoT system, and integrated control system technology based on joint development and research of advanced technologies with domestic and overseas excellent companies.


Twinny, a company specializing in indoor autonomous driving robots, will also introduce the logistics transport robots “Targo” and “Nargo”. Twinny’s robot is a product that presents user-oriented functions that can be easily used by ordinary people through efficient management and control both in the industry and in daily life. In particular, the target-following robot “Targo” can recognize and follow the target with a simple one-touch method, raising expectations.

Many companies will be participating in the “autonomous driving rally” program to reproduce goods delivery service using autonomous driving mobility. At the event, the autonomous delivery mobility, such as autonomous drones and cars, plans to show the autonomous driving delivery process and how accurately the ordered goods are delivered to the destination in detail.

In the autonomous driving rally, visitors can see a demonstration of delivery of goods using autonomous drones from the drone specialists SteamMaker and UVify. SteamMaker is an AI autonomous drone company that developed the world’s first assembled and coded drone. At this event, visitors can see the SteamMaker’s LTE-based autonomous drones. In addition, the autonomous drone software startup UVify will participate in the demonstration as “IFO.” UVify’s IFO is the world’s first successful commercialization of a swarm light show drone product, and even if hundreds of drones gather, they can perform flight missions at the same time without colliding.

The autonomous vehicle of “SWM.AI,” which leads the future mobility industry based on software development technology, is also planning to take over the delivery items and join the rally. At the event, visitors will see “Armstrong’, an AI-based autonomous driving total platform developed by this company. This product is mounted on an existing vehicle to enable autonomous driving and is equipped with LiDAR, RADAR, and camera sensor to recognize and determine the driving situation.

Lastly, the delivery process in the program will be completed with the autonomous driving delivery mobility produced by the autonomous driving robot specialist Dogugonggan and the online and offline science and engineering content production center Geekble.

At the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show, video content titled “Smart Autonomous Driving Life” that introduces autonomous driving technologies of participating companies will also be produced in six episodes. This content contains future life with autonomous robots like serving robots, cooking robots, and cleaning robots, and it will be pre-released on PAMS 2020’s YouTube channel.

This event plans to make every effort to prevent infection by simultaneously conducting non-face-to-face online broadcasting through SNS channels to prevent COVID-19 infection, and by checking in QR codes from visitors and conducting unmanned sterilization with a quarantine robot. In addition, products and services related to autonomous driving of participating companies can also be viewed in a walk-through special exhibition hall, where visitors walk around without staying at the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Plaza.