– Non-face-to-face meeting between startups and investors to share core technologies and vision

– Investment reviewers invited online to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Seven startups in 2020 Xinova Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo and 18 domestic investors met online. Xinova Asia, the operating agency of this program, announced that it has successfully completed the 2020 Xinova Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo Demo Day held at the Pangyo Startup Campus on September 24.

On this demo day, investment experts from Partners Investment, Medici Investment, SEMA Translink Investment, SW Investment, NAVER D2F, L&S Venture Capital, Shinhan Investment Corp PE Team, F&F, ID Ventures, Company K Partners, Coolidge Corner, Danal, InterValue Partners, AJ Investment Partners, Crinac, K-Ground Ventures, Simbon Investment Partners, and Raon FT’s participated as investment reviewers.

Among the 12 resident companies in the Pangyo Startup Campus, seven outstanding companies planning to attract domestic investment in 2020 and 2021 participated. The companies introducing their core technology and vision are: △EVA (developed autonomous robotic and passively mobile solutions) △Libest (developed and manufactured high-capacity flexible lithium-ion polymer batteries) △Think (developed compact MRI for brain that reduces the price and size by 70% compared to conventional MRI) △BrainU (developed anesthesia depth measuring device based on patient’s EEG measurement) △Purify Techno (manufactured air conditioner and air purifier filter/quarantine mask/electromagnetic wave shielding film) △Alpha Circle (developed and supplied VR imaging solution that realizes 8K 3D ultra-high quality) △Wadda (provided AI cloud space recognition platform).

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the event was conducted in a non-face-to-face manner by inviting the investment reviewers online. Each company’s PT data were separately transmitted to the presenter’s monitor so that they could be viewed during the presentation, and at the same time, and the screen was composed so that the company name, presenter, and presentation data could be viewed by the investment reviewers. Based on this, the investment reviewer evaluated each company’s technology, business feasibility, creativity, and potential for global expansion on the evaluation sheet that they received in advance.

Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation said, “Although it is a difficult time due to COVID-19, we will actively try to attract investment for local startups together with Gyeonggi-do so that companies with innovative technology do not give up due to economic conditions. We hope that the meeting of outstanding startups and investors will lead to creation of new opportunities and values.”

Xinova Global Acceleration Program is a part of a global startup fostering project promoted by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator. The seven companies that presented on this Demo Day were selected in last March and moved into Pangyo Startup Campus for a one-year incubation period until February of next year. They received 1:1 consulting, mentoring, commercialization support training, global entrance program, and customized advice from local expert advice.