– Smart Cat Wheel, the one and only premium exercise equipment in the world
As the pet raising population grew to 10 million, the pet industry is also flourishing. However, to raise the pet, there are so many things to pay attention to, and it also takes a long time. Cats that take up a big proportion of pets along with dogs, but they become extremely stressed out to go out for a walk due to space separation anxiety. This leads to obesity and even threatens health. The product released to solve this problem is The Little Cat’s Cat Wheel (model name: B612 Cat Planet).
The Little Cat was established in 2017 to research and develop pet service products and contribute to pet’s health, and aims to create a gateway to communicate with pets. Cat Wheel (B612 Cat Planet) was developed based on CEO Kim Dae-young’s personal experience of raising obese cats and the ideas for managing pet’s health by the company staff. The company focused on weight management through accurate data information. Smart Cat Wheel is the only premium exercise device for the cat’s health in the world. It can be considered as the health management toy that connects to smartphone app to manage the health of the pets that need systematic weight management and the pets with health problems due to too much or too little activity. The LED strip is built inside the wheel circle, so the cat sees the LED strip light controlled by the smartphone and is driven by curiosity (hunting instinct) and starts exercising on the cat wheel. As they start exercising with this, the data on the distance and calorie consumption are transmitted and indicated on the smartphone, so the pet owners can check the daily, weekly, and monthly exercise information on the smartphone. Based on this information, pet owners can design personal exercise program and manage obesity.
The Little Cat has been focusing on entering the overseas markets from the product development stage and participated in global pet trade shows and CES to continue to promote its technology. After completing product development and securing technological stability, The Little Cat officially launched the product in February 2020 and started exporting to overseas in full force, resulting in exporting products to Japan, Thailand, and Dubai. CEO Kim said, “We plan to diversify the overseas market by establishing overseas branches as B2B inquiries as well as inquiries from individual customers have increased significantly, thanks to participating in overseas trade shows.” The Little Cat signed an angel investment contract with Douzone, a Korean company that highly evaluated this company. It is also attracting small-scale investments from individual investors.
Regarding the reason why The Little Cat, headquartered in Chungnam, established a research center in Pangyo, CEO Kim said, “Pangyo is the Silicon Valley of Asia, and has the infrastructure in which ICT companies are researching and developing new products through convergence between companies. We also established a research center in Pangyo to cooperate with companies in Pangyo for technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI,”
Due to cancelation and delay of overseas trade show and restrictions in movement, The Little Cat is making overseas branches in the US and Europe, meeting buyers in non-face-to-face method for market pioneering, and running YouTube channel and social media. About the future plans, Kim said, “We are organically cooperating with global partners by utilizing new marketing channel. Our mid-to-long-term business goal is to develop the disease prediction AI platform by connecting to the body fat measurement device for pets and release it in the domestic and overseas market.” The Little Cat is based in Pangyo, Pangyo Technovalley is the Asia Tech Hub where more than 1,200 companies in IT, CT, and BT sectors with innovative products and technologies are gathered. Located just south of the Seoul metropolitan area, easy transportation access and infrastructure provides the best environment for Korean companies to conduct businesses. Various high-tech companies are located here, with more than 64 thousand full-time workers with a vast majority in their 20s and 30s. By industries, companies in the high-tech industry are made up of IT companies, content technology companies, biotechnology companies, and nanotechnology companies. With the support from innovative companies with global capabilities like Kakao, NHN Entertainment, AhnLab, Krafton, NCSOFT, Nexon, and Hancom at hand, companies in Pangyo Technovalley made over 100 trillion in revenue this year. A 20% increase from last year, it is expected to become one of the best IT clusters in Korea in near future, along with advanced technology research institutes like Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, KAIST, ETRI, and KETI working together to develop the relevant technologies further.