Purify Techno is a startup that researches and develops nanofiber and manufactures air conditioners and air purifier filters with it. The company introduced its core technology and vision to 18 investment reviewers in Korea at the domestic IR day of the 2020 Xinova Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo held at the Pangyo Startup Campus on September 24.

Purify Techno, which manufactures and sells non-electrostatic filters to replace electrostatic filters that are affected by external environmental factors such as humidity, suggested an alternative to ISO 16890 through the development and manufacturing of nanofiber products. Yang Kwang-hoon, CEO of Purify Techno said, “Purify-Nano Filter, an air purifier filter developed by our company, is made of nanofibers about 1/1000 of the thickness of human hair. It can be used regardless of humidity, oiliness, and the passage of time.”

This technology has also been applied to the nano mask Purify-Nano Mask produced by this company. Yang said, “Regular quarantine masks are made of fibers with a thickness of about 0.003mm, so they cannot filter fine dust. Therefore, they are manufactured by covering with static electricity, and when people exhale while breathing, moisture in the human body is also discharged, so over time, the static loses strength. But, our mask Purify-Nano Mask is made of nanofibers of 0.0001mm thickness, so it can filter out fine dust without electrostatic force. It is easy to breathe because it has more than 9 times more fine pores per area than an electrostatic mask.”

Starting with these technology, Purify Techno is developing global marketing for quarantine masks to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, it is supplying filter packs for air purifiers to large companies in Korea, and it is developing an electromagnetic wave shielding film business with nanofibers.

In March, Purify Techno became the finalist in the Xinova Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo project, a global startup promotion project promoted by Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator. Through this, it has been offered office space and infrastructure prepared at Pangyo Technovalley Startup Campus for one year since last March. Also, it is receiving the chance to participate in the specialized programs such as education, mentoring, and networking for overseas expansion and overseas IR/demo days.

Purify Techno is located in Pangyo Technovalley, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovative support systems that will lead Industry 4.0, meeting its reputation as the innovation hub of Asia. Pangyo, home to many Korean and global IT, BT, and CT companies variously clustered as large and mid-sized companies, provides startups like Purify Techno with an ecosystem for win-win cooperation.