The medical expenses for the elderly in Korea is increasing very rapidly due to aging and chronic diseases. Healthy and enjoyable senior life has become a dream of the elderly, and solutions that realize these dreams have become an era where social values are recognized. OPUS ONE, an ICT-based service specialist, recently launched the LeanOn Tab Service as a tablet version of the LeanOn Service, a healthcare service that collects and analyzes information on dementia prevention and management, and health information, attracting the attention from the precision medical industry and senior industry.

The tablet-based senior healthcare service LeanOn Tab Service collects and analyzes various health-related data accumulated in everyday life to provide various health information and recommend management methods so that users can lead a healthy life in unexpected moments.

For example, it automatically interlocks with devices such as blood sugar monitors, blood pressure monitors, and weight scales, and collects and analyzes data on health data, genomic data, disease history, and various symptoms that are naturally obtained from users’ daily life. Also, this health management solution finds meaningful information in it, and gives an alarm about health information to users, or recommends ways for users to maintain a healthy life. For this reason, this solution is well received by the elderly who has difficulty using mobile and IT devices.

Kim Ki-young, CEO of OPUS ONE, said, “The biggest difference of LeanOn service is maximizing user convenience.” He started the business in 2015 to provide valuable medical services by using IT solutions in the field of precision medicine. Kim developed a health solution centered on IoT-based data based on his experience in hardware and software development, product planning, and overseas sales at Samsung Electronics. In the process of developing a solution and searching for an efficient service provision method, OPUS ONE received an offer from Seongnam-si to provide health solutions to the elderly living alone.

Kim participated in the Seongnam-si Dementia Relief Center Pilot Project, and said, “The pilot project was a beta test that could result in our solution preventing dementia and supporting effective health management.” From this project, he had the chance to talk to the elderly for three months, felt the social reward as providing the health management solution, and became acknowledge of the direction the company should take.

In order to globalize the LeanOn Tab Service, a process of securing reliability is necessary. “Because the health field needs trust, we must give faith not only in the linguistic aspect, but also provide trust on whether this solution can protect the health,” said Kim, emphasizing, “Korea was able to have high medical stance due to its correspondence to COVID-19. Because startups that provide various healthcare services are also highly evaluated in this context, there will be no difficulty in advancing globally if we strengthen our overseas expansion capabilities.” OPUS ONE has been seeking market entry in Japan and the UK since last year, and is currently receiving positive reviews. It is planning to enter the overseas market in full force when COVID-19 subsides.

Kim said, “We plan to increase the quality of service so that many people can remember the LeanOn service and think that they have become healthy through this service. We have just begun the integration of IT solution in precision medicine, and we have acknowledged the importance of mutual cooperation as we cooperated in various companies in genome analysis companies and telecom companies and healthcare areas.” He also added, “Especially, the most important thing in business operation is people, and Pangyo has excellent supply and demand in outstanding manpower because there are many IT solution companies. We are actively exchanging information between similar and also different industries.”

OPUS ONE is located in SOSA Israel, the network company made up of 5,000 startups and 150 multinational investment institutions in Pangyo Startup Campus.