Libest is a company that develops and manufactures high-capacity flexible lithium-ion polymer batteries. The company is the world’s first startup to develop a wrist-type smart watch charging band with a built-in flexible battery. The company introduced its core technology and vision to 18 investment reviewers in Korea by online at the domestic IR day of the 2020 Xinova Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo held at the Pangyo Startup Campus on September 24.

Kim Ju-seong, the CEO of Libest, said, “Our product has the highest capacity per unit area among existing flexible batteries, and the entire battery section is flexible, with excellent durability and safety. We especially made the most of general-purpose lithium-ion secondary battery materials and processes, so we can easily mass-produce and be price competitive.”

Founded in 2016, Libest has won the 2020 CES Innovation Award. the 2020 Impact Tech Awards, and the Prime Minister’s Award, and is recognized for its flexible lithium-ion polymer battery technology at home and abroad. The company is currently in the process of evaluating batteries with major wearable manufacturers in the world, and its main product is the flexible battery and the wrist-type smart watch charging band with a built-in flexible battery ARTENIX Band.

In the wearable market that is rapidly growing recently, flexible batteries are indispensable necessity and acceleration factor.  Kim said, “As the demand for flexible batteries is increasing as they are connected with the wearable industry such as healthcare, fashion, and virtual reality (VR), we believe that the future growth value will be endless. We have raised our technical completeness of the flexible battery and internalized our development capabilities to optimize cell designs for each customer.”

Libest has secured experts like research & design designers and production experts in each field to develop and produce products in line with the rapid growth rate of the market, and it has already completed preparation including reducing the product unit cost by expanding the production scale by expanding the factory site and production facilities to enter the global market in full force.

Libest participated in the Xinoba Global Acceleration Program in Pangyo, and it is receiving support for office space and infrastructure prepared at Pangyo Technovalley Startup Campus for one year from last March. This project is a global start-up fostering project promoted by Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator, and specialized programs such as education, mentoring, and networking for overseas expansion are provided to selected companies along with various infrastructure support. Selected companies can also receive the opportunity to participate in overseas IR/demo day.

Libest is located in Pangyo Technovalley, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovative support systems that will lead Industry 4.0, meeting its reputation as the innovation hub of Asia. It has especially solidified its position as the R&D cluster for the creation of future foods. Advanced technology research institutes such as the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology (AICT), KAIST, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) and supporting institutions like Startup Campus, Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, and Global R&D Center are located to support startups with innovative ideas.