– Play webtoons and comic books instead of reading them, webtoon video production tool Toonivie developed

– A culture-technology convergence company that researches all pictures as video contents and production technology

There is a company that creates new types of video content that will entertain the world by combining culture and technology. Ideaconcert is the company that opens the world of new artworks based on the picture contents. Toonivie, the webtoon video production tool developed by Ideaconcert, produces all contents made up of pictures from comic books to educational illustrations and corporate catalogs with just one click.

Jeon Dal-yong, the CEO of Ideaconcert, introduced the company as the company that makes, promotes, and utilizes content. It supplies VOD and OTT service providers by making webtoons into videos by using Toonivie. Toonivie is the best tool to supply webtoon movies to the video platform more easily, and it converts picture contents into video contents through image separation, screen production, sound, dubbing, and translation features.

Toonivie opens the way to see new works that have not been seen before, and it can be considered as a collaboration between technology and people. Technically, the company implemented the optimal function of making webtoons into videos, and in the video production process, simple work was made with a computer made by using AI technology, and the creative part was made to be done by a professional video production team. In other words, the simple but time-consuming part of separating images is made simple with a computer, and creative parts such as scene production and sound effects are created by the fusion of human work and AI technology and contents.

The video content created in this way has the advantage of being able to view webtoons with one click without the hassle of scrolling up and down with a finger when viewing webtoons. Also, it provides a high degree of immersion in the work by making the sound effect and the scene more exciting. In particular, Jeon said, “Video contents produced with Toonivie are less natural than existing animations, but production cost reduction by more than 10 times and production speeds increase of more than 20 times are very big advantages in terms of business.”

In particular, the existing webtoon has been serialized only on the webtoon platform, but if it is made into video contents through Toonivie, it can be extended to VOD, OTT, IPTV, smart TV, and YouTube advertising. This scalability is acting as a big advantage because it can guarantee a high market ripple effect. When content is distributed through the video platform, it is possible to secure distribution competitiveness that is five times greater than that of the webtoon platform.

Jeon said, “The genre of webtoon movies is not well known at the moment, but as video consumption is expected to increase gradually in the future, we are confident that webtoon movies produced by our company will be widely known. As it continuously produces 120 episodes per month, we have already completed 1,200 webtoon movies. It is a company that has the most webtoon movie contents not only in Korea, but also in the world.”

As it plans to consistently produce webtoon movies with the goal of becoming the world’s no. 1 in the future, Ideaconcert’s mid-to-long-term goal and strategy is to launch a webtoon movie specialized platform by taking advantage of Toonivie’s ability to create videos two to three times faster than before. “Our ultimate goal is to allow global users who like cartoons and webtoons to freely enjoy imaged webtoons and cartoons on our platform,” said CEO Jeon, who also said, “For this, we are looking for domestic and foreign partners such as comic creators and publishers.”

Ideaconcert plans to supply content to the local market through contracts with telecommunications companies, VOD, and OTT service companies in Southeast Asia to expand its entry into the global market. Also, it is preparing to supply outstanding webtoon video content to domestic IPTV and smart TV companies.

Jeon ended the interview by saying, “Pangyo has a large number of large-scale content companies, contents distribution companies, and creative companies such as Naver, Daum, Kakao, One Store, Bufftoon, and ME Entertainment. We are going to actively use the infrastructure and cooperate with relevant companies to raise the value of our video platform in the domestic and overseas markets.”