– Korea’s largest AI robot platform made by cleaning robot to parcel collecting robot

Smart city that uses advanced ICT to solve traffic, environment, and housing problems arising in urban life and allows citizens to enjoy a convenient and comfortable life. This is referring to the smart city. Robots play a very important role in creating smart cities as well. Robots in a smart city clean the inside and outside of the house, and make food or serve coffee according to recipes. It also cleans and does laundry, and even collects delivered packages, helping with housekeeping inside and outside the house. Exarobotics participated in the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Mobility Show (PAMS 2020) and introduced a smart city-implementing robot that is becoming a new part of the city.

As the robot service R&D company, Exarobotics is supplying the world’s first smart building solution with a new concept by integrating AI robots, IoT systems, and integrated control system technologies through joint development and research of advanced technologies with outstanding companies in Korea and overseas. The company supplies advanced sensors and autonomous driving-based robots for living, medical, logistics, and industrial fields inside and outside various buildings for residential, lodging, commercial and medical purposes, and controls all devices with the IoT system. CEO Lee Jeong-geun introduced the company by saying, “We have developed robots specialized in the real estate sector such as housing, lodging, and medical facilities. The AI robots provide the smart building solution with non-face-to-face services in cooking, laundry, garbage disposal, healthcare, and quarantine, and this is our flagship product.”

Exarobotics has Korea’s largest AI robot platform that can be utilized in logistics, industry, and everyday life that work by advanced sensor and autonomous driving inside and outside the building with delivery and collection robot, serving robot that can replace waiters, intelligent virus sterilization robot, cooking robot that automatically cooks according to recipe, and laundry collecting robot. These robots were also unveiled at PAMS 2020 and caught the attention of citizens. Among them, the cleaning robot from Exarobotics received a lot of attention. CEO Lee added, “Robot cleaner may clean the house, but our cleaning robot can clean the common space of a building. It has the capability to clean the space that’s as big as six soccer fields.”

Providing robot services with AI robots, the company is planning to open a showroom equipped with the robot system for startup owners in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul in cooperation with Yanolja, the number one lodging app in Korea by the end of this year. Also, through cooperation with officetel construction companies in Korea, it plans to provide robot services to 6,000 households by 2021, About 600 robots will be used for this project. Lee commented, “We want to reduce the time spent in housework by developing more diverse robotic services in the future. Robots that make food or serve coffee can provide high-quality services to customers while reducing labor costs in the long run, so we are expecting to see the market grow.”

(Photo: Yanolja C&D opened Creator’s Showroom in Nonhyeong-dong Furniture Street)

PAMS 2020, the event where Exarobotics exhibited the robot service that will open up the non-face-to-face smart building era, is an event hosted by Gyeonggi-do and jointly organized by KINTEX and Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology. This year, it was held under the theme “Connect PANGYO.” The autonomous driving demonstration complex was held in Pangyo. This event is on its way to evolving into Autonomous Smart Industrial Complex by having the autonomous driving and mobility companies and institutes along with Gyeonggido Autonomous Driving Center forming the cluster.