– Developed a digital learning solution platform to solve educational problems in global society

– Opened the Hindi version of Odinga English to expand the non-face-to-face education market in India

As the interest in homeschooling is growing due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, one app which applies voice recognition and AI technology to English conversation is drawing the attention of parents. THE PLAN G is an edutech company that launched Odinga English, a learning app for elementary school students’ English-speaking skills in December last year, and it recently launched the first multilingual version of the Odinga English Hindi version on the Google Store and is attracting attention.

Lee Gyeong-ah, the CEO of THE PLAN G, said, “With COVID-19, we have focused on developing solutions and platforms to solve educational problems in the global society, such as smartphone addiction, digital divide, and equal educational opportunities for infants and children who spend a lot of time at home due to COVID-19.” She then added, “We have developed and is now servicing a digital learning solution with a new concept for English and coding education necessary to equip 4C, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.”

The company’s main service Odinga English is an AI-powered English conversation app for young children and elementary school children. Odinga English is designed so that users can develop their English-speaking skills with Odinga by teaching English to Odinga, a character who does not know English from space, with the help of an English professor while playing the game by voice recognition. Especially with the Spiral model curriculum, natural repetitive learning and role-play gamification builds confidence in English speaking skills so that elementary school children can learn English naturally without stress and develop language skills through role-playing.

“The existing AI-based English conversation learning solution for infants and elementary school students is mainly serviced at a high price with a communicator-centered learning method, whereas Odinga English gives points and rewards for the pronunciation of Odinga from the selection of sentences to learn. We are providing self-directed English conversation learning contents that apply a learner-centered metacognition learning method in which the child is directly involved in most of the courses except for the curriculum at an affordable price,” says CEO Lee. She also said, “By applying the interactive IQ-EQ system where the learner and the character can interact, not only learning intelligence but also emotional intelligence can be nurtured.”

Odinga English, which provides a total of three courses, has recorded 380,000 downloads since its launch in Korea in December 2019, and was awarded the grand prize in the elementary English category in the 2020 Brand Consumer Survey of the Year conducted with 4.4 million Korean consumers. THE PLAN G saw the potential of Odinga English in Korea and released a Hindi version of Odinga English on the Google Store in August.

CEO Lee said, “India is not only a market with a large potential of 1.3 billion in population, but as normal school life became difficult after the Indian government’s lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, the demand for non-face-to-face online education in India is exploding. Also, India is emerging as a very attractive market as the mobile user population is rapidly increasing and the importance of innovative mobile-based online learning apps is growing.”

THE PLAN G is making efforts to find schools and educational institutions that are open to digital learning with strategic partners who will closely cooperate in the fields of publishing, marketing, distribution, and technology to ensure successful market entry of Odinga English and Odinga Codinga in India. For this, it held a workshop for parents and officials of famous international and private schools in India last year, attracting great response. The English Hindi version of Odinga will be provided as regular school class material at a school in India when COVID-19 subsides.

Lee said, “Starting with Odinga English and Odinga Codinga, the ultimate goal of THE PLAN G is to grow into a global educational platform for the distribution of effective and fun non-face-to-face digital learning solutions in the post-COVID era.” The short-term goal is to focus on expanding its market share and stably entering the Indian market, and the mid- to long-term goal is to provide Odinga English and Odinga Codinga service in Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam.”

On the reason for locating in Pangyo, Lee said, “It is easy to grasp the trends of edutech-related startups, and it is advantageous for networking necessary for strategic alliances and cooperation, so we have established a base in Pangyo.” She also added, “Above all, Pangyo is very similar to Gurgaon in Delhi NCR region, where our India corporate GREATPLANG EDUSOLUTION is located, so it is good to explain to Korean-Indian stakeholders.”