– Provides AI-based influencer search, trend analysis, and integrated marketing solution

Among young people, influencers who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on social media (SNS) such as Internet broadcasting and YouTube exert as much influence as entertainers. They are also positioning as important marketing keywords in the advertising market. Behind the growing influencer advertising market every year, there are cases where you get disappointing marketing results due to the lack of understanding of the brand and the lack of relevance to the products by the influencers. To solve this problem, it is important to find an influencer that is optimized for the brand to be marketed.

Buzz & B develops and operates a platform service that searches influencers by using deep learning technology and analyzes their activities, allowing advertisers to get YouTubers that match their brand identities. While conducting game influencer marketing, too much time, effort, and cost were invested in searching for influencers and checking whether they are suitable for the brand to be marketed. The company developed the search engine because there are many companies that did not get the marketing effect they expected. With this search engine, Buzz & B was recognized for its technology as it was selected for the TIPS R&D project, a technology startup program by the MSS in the beginning of its business. In March this year, it has been selected as a supplier of NIPA’s AI Voucher Support Project. Afterward, Buzz & B launched vling, an AI-based influencer search engine for full-scale commercialization.

All companies currently conducting influencer marketing are complaining of a lot of difficulty in finding the right influencer for their campaign. Vling is the integrated influencer solution that can solve these problems in a situation where the basis is unclear on how to evaluate the influencer especially before searching for influencers. Through the vling service, all participants in the ecosystem, including advertisers, agencies, MCNs, and influencers, can conduct efficient marketing by automating the series of processes required for influencer marketing and monitoring campaign performance in real-time.

Shim Chung-bo, the CEO of Buzz & B, said, “There were many search engines such as Google before, but the biggest differentiation of our company is in the pre-validation of influencer marketing. With our solution, YouTubers focus on the front-end, whether it fits the product to be marketed. But most other platforms focus mostly on the campaign and marketing results. What Buzz & B’s vling platform service is trying to convey is that it is the process of buttoning the first button of influencer marketing, and this first button must be buttoned well to achieve the desired outcome at the end.

Vling platform service contributed to improving the market fairly and reasonably by providing transparent information in the influencer advertising industry. In June, it was selected as NIPA’s Software Marketability Test Support Project, recognized not only for its technology but also for its marketability. Buzz & B currently has 12 patents related to the vling platform service as well as industrial property rights like trademarks and design rights.

In the vling platform, which provides AI-based influencer search, trend analysis, and integrated marketing solutions, there are currently 100,000 influencers and YouTube channel operators active in Korea, and the number is continuing to increase. In particular, Buzz & B is collecting Thai influencer data to provide global services, and plans to expand its service area to major Southeast Asian countries by securing data from Taiwan and Indonesia in the second half of 2020. Also, in the first half of next year, it plans to expand its expansion into major global markets such as the US and Japan.

About its location in Pangyo, Shim said, “The field where influencer marketing is most active is IT, BT, and CT, and there are many in Pangyo, so we have established a base in Pangyo. We are having three to four meetings in Pangyo everyday. This is how much the business exchange is being done here, and Pangyo has high competitiveness in scouting competent human resources and high accessibility to Seoul.”