The non-face-to-face consumption culture created by the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for service robots. We can now experience robotics services not only in industrial sites, but also in sites where there are many people around like airports, department stores, and hospitals. And soon, you will be able to easily see serving robot that transports food and drinks replacing waiters in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, and organizing empty dishes. Bear Robotics, a leader in smart food service AI autonomous robots, showed this near future at the 4th Pangyo Autonomous Mobility Show (PAMS 2020) from Oct. 15 to 17.

Bare Robotics is led by CEO Ha Jung-woo, a former Google engineer, developed the first autonomous serving robot Penny in Silicon Valley, USA in 2017. Bear Robotics, which has been recognized worldwide for its technology through the 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award (National Restaurant Association) and 2019 HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet) HOREA International Expo, introduced the serving robot Servi by strategic partnership with SoftBank Robotics Group at the end of September. Servi is the new name for Bear Robotics’ first serving robot, Penny.

Servi uses a laser sensor LiDAR and a 3D camera to automatically detect and avoid obstacles even in a crowded restaurant, and successfully complete the serving to the customers’ tables without accidents.  In addition, it performs various functions with the multi-functional tray to transport food and beverages and organize empty dishes. Bear Robotics provides remote monitoring and support to solve problems directly and remotely when problems occur during the period of use, and the company maximizes the customer operation efficiency and contributes to improving customer service by utilizing the cloud system and recording operation log.

CEO Ha Jeong-woo of Bear Robotics said,”Servi will go beyond automating the simple and repetitive manual tasks that people do, and will provide high-quality customer service to bring rich life and future-oriented value to restaurant workers around the world. We are currently supplying robots to restaurants, corporate cafeterias, shared kitchens, nursing facilities and casinos in several countries, including North America, Asia and Europe.”

PAMS 2020, which promoted Bear Robotics’ technical values that pursues big changes through robot and AI technology, was hosted by Gyeonggi Province and co-organized by Kintex and the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology. This year’s theme was Connect PANGYO. The autonomous driving demonstration complex was held in Pangyo. This event is on its way to evolving into Autonomous Smart Industrial Complex by having the autonomous driving and mobility companies and institutes along with Gyeonggido Autonomous Driving Center forming the cluster.