Naver has revealed that they have launched a new business solution for local SMEs. The solution they have come up with are ‘Place Coupons’ which can be used to attract new customers or improve satisfaction for regulars.

Local SMEs that have registered their store information on Naver Smart Place can use various solutions to help their businesses, such as ▲Smart Call ▲Naver Booking ▲Naver Order. Place Coupon, which just launched, is a marketing solution that can be issued and distributed by the store owners that customers can use both on and offline.

As the type of local SMEs that use Smart Place are diverse, Place Coupon supports detailed coupon settings. The coupons can either be a ▲discount coupon, or a ▲complimentary coupon. The store owner can directly set the amount or percentage of discount, as well as directly input the information of complimentary item.

The conditions of the coupons can be set as well. You can set the conditions of use so that it can be used when ▲you visit the store, ▲book through Naver, or ▲you order through Naver, and you could also set conditions like, ‘can be used when spending over 3,000 KRW’.

Coupons that have been issued this way can be downloaded by customers once they are published on My Place.In the future, owners will be able to send coupons directly to customers who are benefiting from their store through ‘Tok Tok Marketing Message’. Tok Tok Marketing Message, which has been released last December, is a solution that can be used to send news of your store events to customers directly.

With the start of Tok Tok Marketing Message and the coupon solution, Naver plans for Smart Place to go beyond just being a business platform that can help with business routines for local SMEs, such as booking or ordering, and expand their identity to become a ‘marketing’ platform that can help accelerate growth and manage regulars.

In addition, Naver plans to allow owners to easily check the increase of customer visits and marketing effects from issued coupons through the ‘statistics solution’ of Smart Place, so that SMEs can come up with more effective marketing strategies based on data.

With the diversification of marketing solutions for SMEs, such as through Place Coupons, it is expected that there will also be a rise in satisfaction from users getting local information from Naver. Consumersare able to get notifications from stores they visit often, the latest news from places you want to go, event notifications, as well as get coupons, enabling them to have a smarter visiting and consumption experience.

Hyuk-sang Kwon, the leader of Naver Smart Place, says that “Smart Place has received a lot of positive response as a platform that helped connect many potential customers with local SMEs and helped reduce the routine everyday work of busy SMEs so far, but now we have taken it one step further to expand its role as a platform that helps accelerate the growth of SMEs.” He went on to say that “We plan on further developing the platform to become a platform that can give long-term help to local SMEs in all areas, such as store promotion, saving resources, marketing, and strategy analysis.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom