If you are a person living in modern society, you are already a potential patient of turtle neck syndrome due to using computers and smartphones for prolonged time, loading your neck and shoulders. We are seeing products that can help relieve pain from turtle neck syndrome here and there, but we haven’t seen much result compare to the time and money we have spent on them.

Dot Heal started research and development with the belief that it would solve the turtle neck problem suffered by more than 100 million people around the world every year, and after two years of research and development, it completed the development of Dot Stand, the posture correction healthcare robot.

Also, through research with the Ergonomics Society of Korea and Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, the company has made achievements in research results such as posture training induction trajectory and speed and user-customized training algorithms.

Choi Jaehee, Market Group Manager of Dot Heal

AVING News met Choi Jaehee, Market Group Manager of Dot Heal to interview on the healthcare robot Dot Stand.

Incorrect posture of modern people | Courtesy of Dot Heal

Q1. Company introduction

Choi: Founded in July 2019, Dot Heal is conducting various researches under the mission of providing “healthy habits” through gradual environmental changes by developing healthcare robots that can improve modern people’s diseases that can arise from bad habits in life or the environment.
Recently, we launched the healthcare robot “Dot Stand” that can recognize the user’s posture and guide the user to the correct posture. We are now focusing on promoting this product to consumers.

Corrected posture with Dot Stand | Courtesy of Dot Heal

Q2. Main target

Choi: Office workers and students have experienced neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged use of monitors. About two million people in Korea are receiving treatment for neck discs every year, and more than 66% of 10 million office workers who use monitors for a long time have experienced turtle neck syndrome.
With the recent spread of online education and telecommuting, more and more people are using PCs. As musculoskeletal problems are expected to become more severe, turtle neck syndrome is one of the diseases of modern people to be solved.

Dot Stand coming in two colors | Courtesy of Dot Heal

Q3. Features of Dot Stand

Choi: Dot Stand V1 is a healthcare robot that solves the fixed posture, the root cause of turtle neck, recognizes posture through a sensor attached to the front, and raises the monitor to lead to correct posture. Because it operates at a speed that is not recognizable, users automatically receive posture training as they use the computers. They do not have to spend extra time to fix the turtle neck.

Monitor arms and monitor stands made by other manufacturers are designed only for space utilization, but Dot Stand is a healthcare robot with patented AI technology and mechanism that helps solve turtle neck syndrome by helping people to have correct posture.

Q4. Strategy to enter overseas market

Choi: We are discussing exports with Japanese and German companies, and we have received offer to enter Amazon US, so we are preparing for that. Also, we are looking for local business partners who can distribute and sell our innovative products in the US, Europe, and Asia. We have our promotional materials and overseas marketing managers for exporting, and we are currently discussing with several overseas companies to export by the second half of this year.

Q5. Achievements and future plans

Choi: In August of last year, we received investment from EST and Kingo Spring, and at the end of April this year, we had a pilot opening of “Dot Stand v1” on our website and smart store. Sales occurred right away.
At the end of May, we have entered the offline store Hi-Mart and online mall iMarket. We have also concluded contract to enter Shinsegae Mall.
Since the products launched by our company are products that did not exist in the current market, we are focusing on raising the awareness to consumers, increasing their understanding of the product, and stimulating the desire to purchase. Since it is a startup, we are not widely recognized. But, we are overcoming difficulties through direct and indirect exposure strategies such as entering offline stores where you can promote and experience products, participate in exhibitions, and promote video.

Q6. Reasons for settling in Pangyo

Choi: I believe that Pangyo has great strengths in network and information exchange, not only because of its geographical advantage, but also because many companies, whether big or small, are located in one place. Also, by providing facilities and additional services that startups may lack, we can get help in business operation, and I think it is a base where you can get great help for corporate growth through various government-supported projects and advice.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom

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