-I will be the legend of Pangyo by becoming the ICT expert in the future!
-Pangyo! Pangyo! Pangyo-Man!

GBSA has produced a rap news video titled “Park Woo-jeong, the New Employee at Pangyo” to recruit talents and share ways to get a job at Pangyo,

This rap news unfolds by introducing a new employee Park Woo-jeong, who had finally gotten a job at Pangyo Technovalley. She introduces her way to work by rap. Finding a job in Pangyo she had waited for so long, she is excited like an athlete who won a gold medal, and is full of enthusiasm like a researcher who developed a new material. As proudly walking down the streets of Pangyo with the staff tag hanging on her neck, she introduces the ICT, BT, CT, and NT companies located in Pangyo Technovalley and supporting agencies like GBSA with pride in her voice.

It is not easy to get a job these days due to COVID-19, and the road to landing a job in Pangyo is not easy for many young people. But, it is a dream that can come true for those who have the passion and are willing to try hard. GBSA is aiming at giving hope to many jobseekers who are looking for a job in Pangyo and contributing to introducing the resident companies to recruit talents by promoting the future value which Pangyo possesses to the talents who have competencies in the advanced ICT, BT, CT, and NT fields.

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