∙ Pangyo is a dream city that has everything I want… location, work, and infrastructure

“A job at Pangyo is my only dream! Achieve what you want in a cutting-edge city… Pangyo! Wait just a minute, I will become a real Pangyo man. I’ll be back.” The video that tells the reason why jobseekers want to work at Pangyo is receiving spotlights. This video of rap news which Pangyo Technovalley released is titled “The Jobseeker Who Wants to Get a Job in Pangyo.” It introduces the merits and opportunities, and potential which Pangyo has from the viewpoint of the jobseeker. And, the wishes of many jobseekers who want to become Pangyo Man are also in the video.

Pangyo is the place where major Korean ICT companies like Naver, Kakao, and NCSoft are gathered. It is called the Silicon Valley of Korea, and there are many ICT talents that represent Korea. Pangyo is truly a city of hope and a land of opportunities for the jobseekers who dream of becoming future ICT experts. Recently, the Digital New Deal Project implemented by the government to correspond to post-COVID era created a greater need for data, network, and AI (DNA)-related talents, and the resident companies in Pangyo are also actively seeking to secure talented people with innovative capabilities.

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