Kakao Mobility Starts Test Operation of ‘Electric Vehicle Valet Charging Service’

Kakao Mobility is partnering with ChargeEV, one of the largest EV charging service providers in Korea, to pilot an ‘electric vehicle valet charging service’ for electric vehicle users. The pilot service is provided for the visitors to Ediya Coffee Lab located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-Gu.

Kakao Navi’s ‘Valet Charging Service for Electric Vehicles’ is designed for electric vehicle drivers who are experiencing inconvenience due to the lack of infrastructure to meet the demand for charging, although the domestic electric vehicle penetration rate has increased by about 55%, compared to the previous year, of this year August, up to 310,000 units. The company is showing their vision to increase the convenience of use by integrating valet and EV charging, which have been provided as individual services, now into one service.

Before the official service launch, Kakao Mobility will conduct a trial service in the parking lot of ‘Ediya Coffee Lab’, which is operated as a 100% valet service, to reinforce the service quality and verify the serviceability for the users. After that, the goal is to officially launch the ‘electric vehicle valet charging service’ within this year and gradually increase the number of participating parking lots.

How to use: After registering the valet pass on Kakao Navi, enter the parking lot without any particular reservation process and request a service from the valet. By using ‘Kakao T Valet’ in the Kakao Navi app, you can get convenient services such as ▲ request for exit in advance ▲ automatic payment ▲ electric vehicle charging/valet service combined payment are provided, ▲ and service operation schedule ▲ and the price information can also be inquired in real time.

The fee is the sum of the service fee to the valet and electric vehicle charging fee. The fee for using the valet service in Ediya Coffee Lab, which is scheduled to be operated as a trial run, is 3,000 won, and the charging service can be selected between ‘Light (9,000 won)’ and ‘Standard (1,5,000 won)’ depending on the amount of the charge. During the trial operation period, a 20-minute charging service and aid service will be provided free of charge to the first 500 people as a promotion.

Kakao Mobility is also planning to hold a large-scale event for users of Kakao Navi’s ‘electric vehicle charging service’.

Up to 20% of the charge price will be provided in Kakao T points to all service users for two months until the end of October. The mileage rate varies by each charging station operator such as ▲charging fee (20%) ▲Ministry of Environment (15%) ▲general charging station (10%). Saved kakao T points can be used as cash for payment after using the services like taxi, chauffer, bike, and parking.

In addition, a coupon event for first-time users of the service will be held. Two welcome coupons worth 5,000 won that can be used for the month of September are immediately provided, and two additional thank-you coupons worth 5,000 won that can be used during this October are provided upon completion of the service use. The coupons can be found in the EV charging tab of the Kakao Navi app.

Ahn Gyu-jin, vice president of Kakao Mobility Business Division, said, “Kakao Mobility is constantly striving to realize its green mobility vision as a part of its ESG management.” “We will increase the accessibility and convenience for our users by expanding the realm of various smart services for EV drivers,” he said.

‘MOON YOU’, based on Naver Webtoon, ranks 2nd in China’s top-grossing movies of 2022

Korea’s leading webtoon writer Cho Seok’s MOON YOU swept the Chinese theaters and created a box office sensation. Naver Webtoon reported that the movie ‘MOON YOU’, based on the sci-fi webtoon ‘MOON YOU-獨行月球’ by Cho Seok, is currently ranked 2nd at the Chinese box office for 2022.

The webtoon ‘MOON YOU’ is a sci-fi comedy about the struggles of an astronaut who is left alone on the moon after the human race on Earth has been destroyed by an asteroid impact. It is the work of writer Cho Seok, who is famous for ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ and ‘Tidal Territory’, and was serialized on Naver Webtoon from June 2016 to September 2017. It has been praised for showing the essence of black comedy by adding cynical humor and individualistic illustrations unique to Cho Seok along with the ‘post-apocalyptic’ worldview of the end of the world.

The release schedule of ‘The Sound of the Heart’, which was evaluated as a mega hit at the time, was adjusted from twice a week to once a week and as a new release following the mega hit, it attracted more than 10,000 comments on the first episode alone. Since June 2016, it has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English, and has proven its potential as a sci-fi black comedy webtoon, receiving high ratings in the upper 9s.

The webtoon-based film ‘MOON YOU-獨行月球’ was first released in China on July 29th. On the first day of its release, it recorded a profit of about 58.74 billion won and topped the Chinese box office. Analysts say that it has proven the strong competitiveness of the original webtoon’s intellectual property rights (IP) as the box office continues to run while movie theater operations in China have not been normalized due to COVID-19. As of September 5, the film is expected to rank 2nd in China’s box office record in 2022 with a revenue of about 580.3 billion won and 70.67 million .

‘MOON YOU’ writer Jo Seok said, “I am happy as the original author of ‘MOON YOU’ that it was able to revitalize Chinese theaters and achieve good results amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I realized that the status of Korean webtoon IP is increasing overseas as well as in Korea.”

The webtoon ‘MOON YOU’ can be viewed through Naver Webtoon and Naver series PC homepage, mobile web, and mobile application.

Kakao Enterprise-KangBuk Samsung Hospital jointly develop the industry’s first ‘Health Checkup Guidebot’

Kakao Enterprise and Sungkyunkwan University Medical School’s KangBuk Samsung Hospital will jointly develop the health care industry’s first health checkup guidebot based an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service called ‘Kakao I Connect Talk’.

Both companies will support almost 500,000patients per year who visit KangBuk Samsung Hospital to provide more convenient health checkup servicethrough the health checkup guidebot.

Users can receive information about the laboratory through KakaoTalk upon registration on the day of the examination without downloading a separate app and also get answers for any question that they might have during the examination through KakaoTalk Channel. For example, if user enters ‘how many tests are left’, the chatbot will notify user of the remaining examinations, and if user enters ‘tell me the waiting number’, user can check the waiting number. It is expected that the user’s convenience will be further enhanced as information can be easily checked on KakaoTalk without the need to find a person in charge at the hospital.

Kakao iConnect Talk, introduced in KangBuk Samsung Hospital health check up guidebot, is an intelligent AI chatbot service that provides notifications, publicity, and customer service through a single KakaoTalk channel. Based on advanced machine learning technology and learning data such as portals and search services accumulated over many years, it has the industry’s best Korean recognition performance, so it provides natural answers by understanding customers’ questions without problems even with typos and incorrect spacing.

Both companies plan to make the entire health checkup process more efficient through the checkup guidebot, and work together to discover a business model for creating a customer-centered future hospital through convergence between customer communication channels and expansion of an AI-based call center system.

Hyun-chul Shin, General Director of KangBuk Samsung Hospital, said, “Through the development of this guidebot, we hope our patients using the examination center will be able to receive easier and more convenient guidance than before. In the future, we plan to expand the function so that we can continuously communicate on the same channel from reservation to result inquiryin addition to the guide on the day of the health checkup.”

Jin-min Choi, Vice President of Kakao Enterprise, said, “I am glad to lead the digital transformation of the industry by developing the first health checkup guidebot in the healthcare industry with KangBuk Samsung Hospital. Kakao Enterprise plans to cooperate with various industry partners so that more users can easily and conveniently experience the advanced digital healthcare system by introducing AI technology to the healthcare field.”

Naver Launches New Business Solution for Local SMEs

Naver has revealed that they have launched a new business solution for local SMEs. The solution they have come up with are ‘Place Coupons’ which can be used to attract new customers or improve satisfaction for regulars.

Local SMEs that have registered their store information on Naver Smart Place can use various solutions to help their businesses, such as ▲Smart Call ▲Naver Booking ▲Naver Order. Place Coupon, which just launched, is a marketing solution that can be issued and distributed by the store owners that customers can use both on and offline.

As the type of local SMEs that use Smart Place are diverse, Place Coupon supports detailed coupon settings. The coupons can either be a ▲discount coupon, or a ▲complimentary coupon. The store owner can directly set the amount or percentage of discount, as well as directly input the information of complimentary item.

The conditions of the coupons can be set as well. You can set the conditions of use so that it can be used when ▲you visit the store, ▲book through Naver, or ▲you order through Naver, and you could also set conditions like, ‘can be used when spending over 3,000 KRW’.

Coupons that have been issued this way can be downloaded by customers once they are published on My Place.In the future, owners will be able to send coupons directly to customers who are benefiting from their store through ‘Tok Tok Marketing Message’. Tok Tok Marketing Message, which has been released last December, is a solution that can be used to send news of your store events to customers directly.

With the start of Tok Tok Marketing Message and the coupon solution, Naver plans for Smart Place to go beyond just being a business platform that can help with business routines for local SMEs, such as booking or ordering, and expand their identity to become a ‘marketing’ platform that can help accelerate growth and manage regulars.

In addition, Naver plans to allow owners to easily check the increase of customer visits and marketing effects from issued coupons through the ‘statistics solution’ of Smart Place, so that SMEs can come up with more effective marketing strategies based on data.

With the diversification of marketing solutions for SMEs, such as through Place Coupons, it is expected that there will also be a rise in satisfaction from users getting local information from Naver. Consumersare able to get notifications from stores they visit often, the latest news from places you want to go, event notifications, as well as get coupons, enabling them to have a smarter visiting and consumption experience.

Hyuk-sang Kwon, the leader of Naver Smart Place, says that “Smart Place has received a lot of positive response as a platform that helped connect many potential customers with local SMEs and helped reduce the routine everyday work of busy SMEs so far, but now we have taken it one step further to expand its role as a platform that helps accelerate the growth of SMEs.” He went on to say that “We plan on further developing the platform to become a platform that can give long-term help to local SMEs in all areas, such as store promotion, saving resources, marketing, and strategy analysis.”

Quick News

– ‘The 1st Pangyo Startup Investment Exchange in 2022’ finishes successfully, co-hosted by Gyeonggi-do and GBSA

The ‘2022 1st Pangyo Startup Investment Exchange Conference’ hosted by Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do Business & Science Accelerator (hereinafter referred to as GBSA) finished successfully on the 31st of last month. 40 people attended the event, including Gyeonggi-do officials, Pangyo Techno Valley startup company representatives and venture capitalists (VCs).

10 excellent startups in Pangyo Techno Valley were selected. For the successful invitation of excellent companies, the following were held: ▲Pangyo Techno Valley startup company IR presentation ▲Successful attracting investment seminar ▲1:1 investment consultation ▲Startup-investor networking.

– Wemade Connect ‘Everytown’ collaborates with the popular anime series ‘Bonobono’

Wemade Connect Co., Ltd. launchedcollaboration content with the popular anime saries ‘Bonobono’ through the mobile game ‘Everytown’. WeMade Connect will present a new building that utilizes the worldview and design of the anime series ‘Bonobono’ through their collaboration which will run until October 4.

An official from Wemade Connect said, “We expect that it will be an event that will bring joy to many users as the original intellectual property (IP) is perfectly implemented in the game byusing the illustration of the increasing popular anime series ‘Bonobono’ that started as a manhwa and has been serialized for over 35 years.”

– WeMade announces strategic investment in ‘MVM’, an African P2E guild project

MVM is Africa’s first and largest gaming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO decentralized autonomous organization).

With over 186 million game users in Africa, MVM aims to create the largest gaming community in Africa and provide tools to users, investors, developers, and guild operators within the ecosystem.

WeMade CEO Henry Chang said, “This collaboration with MVM will serve as an opportunity to expand the rapidly growing WEMIX ecosystem in Africa.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom