– Naver Pay points works at over 70,000 merchants nationwide… Points accumulated online can also be used at offline franchises

– Points randomly accumulated to all users even when paying offline

– Provides integrated membership management function that allows you to use various membership cards directly from the Naver app

Naver Financial (CEO Choi In-hyeok) announced on Nov. 2 that it will start an offline payment service in partnership with BC Card so that users can use Naver Pay more widely.

Through this, users can pay by using the points they have accumulated or charged at more than 70,000 offline affiliated franchises nationwide, such as convenience stores, mega markets, coffee/beverage stores, gas stations, and theme parks.

In response, the company explained that users can use the points they have accumulated online at offline franchises and continue to experience continuous payments both online and offline.

Users can scan the QR code with the franchise reader by selecting the “Payment” menu on the “My Wallet” screen that appears when pressing the N Pay button on the top right of the mobile Naver app. Also, a shortcut to the home screen will be added by supporting the widget function for frequently users.

<Offline payment process>

The company plans to randomly accumulate points by letting all users draw points even when making offline payments in order to provide a similar point accumulation experience as online. In particular, Mirae Asset Daewoo CMA RP Naver Account Book or Naver Plus Membership users receive twice as many points as regular users, users who use both receive four times as many points. 

Choi Jin-woo, general manager of Naver Pay, said, “As the untact is prolonged, demand for non-face-to-face payments that do not exchange cards, including smart orders that can be ordered for packaging and table orders is increasing. We will continue to add various functions in the future so that users can conveniently continue their online experience even offline.”

<Naver Pay offline POP image>

Along with this, Naver Financial also provides a new membership integrated management feature that allows you to take out various membership cards directly from the Naver App and use them for offline payment. Users can receive additional benefits by registering membership cards of various brands such as LOTTE L Point, CU, GS25, as well as beauty and fashion brands, cosmetics, duty-free stores, and bookstores, and you can receive automatic mileage benefit for the membership when paying at CU and GS25.

To commemorate the launch of offline payments, the event in which 1,000 won will be paid for first payment at five major convenience stores nationwide, 2,000 won will be paid with the purchase of 20,000 won or more at Ediya Coffee, and 5,000 won will be paid with the purchase of 30,000 won or more at GS Caltex.