NaverZ (co-representatives Kim Dae-wook and Kim Chang-wook), which provides global AR avatar service Zepetto, has attracted a total of 12 billion won worth of investment from Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment, the leaders the global entertainment market with K-pop.

Through this investment, NaverZ has secured a wider range of content from fashion to entertainment. Through this investment, the three companies plan to create greater value in the global market through close and broad collaboration between their global IP and global AR avatar service Zepetto.

Zepetto goes beyond a simple virtual environment-based avatar service, and is becoming a social genre for Generation Z worldwide. Since the spin-off in last May, it has continuously expanded collaboration with global IP providers like Nike and Disney, and has provided a variety of rich content to users. As a result, the number of global subscribers exceeded 180 million as of August. There are more than 900 million secondary contents produced by users who used various IPs within Zepetto.

Kim Dae-wook, CEO of NaverZ, said, “As users are very active in their secondary creative activities by using various IPs provided within Zepetto, we are expecting synergy with both companies. Our future plan is to fill the infinite virtual world of Zepetto more abundantly by expanding the network with global IP service providers.”