– Held in Pangyo Technovalley 1 and 2 for 3 days on Oct 15-17

– Various programs such as demonstration of autonomous driving mobility service, autonomous driving rally, and zero shuttle test drive

– Autonomous driving plaza where anyone can access leading technologies and a delivery mobility contest to foster industry provided

The 4th Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show (PAMS 2020), which allows you to experience untact self-driving technology that is attracting attention in the era of COVID-19, will be held in Pangyo Technovalley 1 and 2 for three days from Oct. 15 to 17.

This event, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and jointly organized by KINTEX and the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, is a demonstration of autonomous driving mobility services under the theme of Connect PANGYO with zero-shuttle test drive, autonomous driving shuttle in Gyeonggi-do, autonomous delivery mobility contest, and product exhibition. It will be safely conducted in a non-face-to-face manner to prevent COVID-19 infection.

First, at the demonstration #UNTACT #CONNECT’, which runs from the first day of the opening to the last day of the event, the event provides individuals and companies who need non-face-to-face services with opportunities to experience autonomous mobility services. The event is the main content of the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show, and technology demonstration venues where you can meet specialized robots in each field, such as serving, delivery, information, cooking, and quarantine, will be created in Pangyo Technovalley 1 and 2. Also, autonomous driving mobility services that goes directly to the individuals, government offices, companies, and stores by receiving stories will be showcased in the event. At the event, autonomous driving quarantine robot service for non-face-to-face quarantine in government offices and shops where there is a large population of passersby, non-face-to-face serving robot service for catering companies visited by many customers, and a high-efficiency cleaning robot that combines autonomous driving technology and industrial vacuum cleaners will be demonstrated.

Throughout the event, Pangyo Autonomous Driving Plaza, where various autonomous mobility technologies will be displayed will also be set up near Pangyo Station. It is an open space where you can experience leading autonomous driving technologies, visitors will be able to see the autonomous driving technology applied in Pangyo zero city, the introduction of participating companies, display of various autonomous driving mobility products, and even the core policies of autonomous driving of Gyeonggi-do. Anyone can have the tour around the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Plaza, and infection prevention measures such as checking with QR codes for visitors and frequent disinfection are performed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Oct. 17, the last day of the event, autonomous driving rally that reproduces the futuristic complete smart mobility by using autonomous driving drones, vehicles, and delivery mobility and Gyeonggi-do Zero Shuttle Test Drive where you can experience the future autonomous driving transportation environment will be set up. First, in the autonomous driving rally program, a continuous delivery process using various autonomous driving mobility, such as autonomous driving drones, and delivery mobility will be carried out, and participants can take a glimpse of future autonomous driving mobility-linked services and delivery processes. Next, at Gyeonggi-do Zero Shuttle Test Drive, autonomous driving shuttle developed by Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology will be driven in vehicle road in Pangyo Technovalley 1, and participants will be able to ride on it. All of these programs are conducted for participants selected through prior application in compliance with the COVID-19 outbreak prevention management guidelines, and applications are accepted on the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show official website (gpams.co.kr) until Friday, Sep. 25. In addition, this event will be broadcast live through the official Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show YouTube and Facebook channels, so anyone can have access to it.

In addition to the experience program, Gyeonggi-do Autonomous Delivery Mobility Contest was also prepared, in which teams of undergraduate and graduate students related to autonomous driving will be participating. At the event, driving mission will be presented with a two-wheel drive autonomous delivery mobility developed by five teams that have undergone document and presentation evaluation. And, they are evaluated on how quickly and accurately goods should be delivered within the test drive course that will be prepared in Pangyo Technovalley 1 Hwarang Park. In this program, general visitors can watch the delivery process of products by autonomous driving technology and participate in the evaluation process.

An official from the Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show said, “Amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced many changes in our daily life. Pangyo Autonomous Driving Mobility Show  that will be held this year will be the place to get a glimpse of the future lifestyle where non-face-to-face autonomous driving technology is used. As it is being held in Pangyo, an innovation cluster in the autonomous driving industry, I hope you can witness the latest technologies and trends in the autonomous driving industry implemented with various services such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots.”