○ Held at the Pangyo GCCEI on Oct. 12-16

– Global Conference (Day 1), Final Game Audition Final (Day 2), Export Consultation (Day 3-5)

– Gyeonggi-do’s largest game event for small and medium-sized game companies in the province who wish to successfully enter the global market

Gyeonggi Game Global Week, the largest game event in Gyeonggi-do which combines global conferences, new game auditions, and export consultations, will be held at the GCCEI in Pangyo, Seongnam from Oct. 12 to 16.

This event, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and hosted by the Gyeonggi Content Agency, was established to enhance the brand image of Gyeonggi Game by linking various programs and support Gyeonggi game companies’ overseas expansion. In response to COVID-19, this year’s Gyeonggi Game Global Week, which is in its fourth year, will hold global conferences and export consultations completely untact (online).

First, Global Conference on the 1st day of Global Week will be held for three hours on Gyeonggi Content Agency’s official YouTube channel at 2 pm on Oct. 12.

At the global conference, three sessions, ▲Global market analysis including North America, Europe, Russia, and Greater China expansion strategy ▲Overseas expansion case of domestic game companies, and ▲Game trend: From cross-platform to cloud games will be held with six speakers.

Next, on the second day of Global Week, the 13th New Gyeonggi Game Audition Final will be held, and the top 10 games that have reached the final after 5:1 competition will compete for the championship. Officials from leading game companies in Korea, including global accelerators and publishers, will be invited as judges to select five teams with high potential for overseas expansion.

Five teams selected in the final will be given various benefits including ▲ Up to 50 million won in prize money (1st place: 50 million won (1 team), 2nd place: 30 million won (2 teams), 3rd place: 20 million won (2 teams)) ▲ Additional points when entering Gyeonggi Global Game Center ▲ Follow-up support programs such as QA (game test), sound, translation, and marketing.

On the 3rd and 5th days of Global Week, the online export consultation meeting “The 7th Game Business Day” will be held. Export consultation will be conducted by three parties, including participating companies, buyers, and interpreters by video. It will run with consideration of buyers’ schedules by dividing regions by three, Southeast Asia, China, Americas, and Europe.

Through this, foreign game officials such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the UAB are planning to explore the possibility of overseas export through non-face-to-face business meetings between 45 game companies in the province.

Lim Mun-young, the Future Growth Policy Officer of Gyeonggi-do, said, “Gyeonggi Game Global Week is an optimal connection support program for overseas expansion of game companies in the province in response to COVID-19. It will be an opportunity to show our outstanding games to foreign game officials and successfully advance globally.”

For details on the event, contact the Global Week website (www.gggw.or.kr) or the Gyeonggi Contents Agency (031-776-4783).