Image – Nexon

Nexon Co., Ltd. introduced the ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ custom bike in collaboration with the American electric motorbike brand ‘Super73’.

‘Super73’ is a retro style minibike brand that reinterprets a mini bike of the 1970s in a modern way by combining the convenience of a bicycle with the ruggedness of a motorcycle.

This bike is a game intellectual property (IP) collaboration project that was first unveiled by ‘Super73’, and only two models will be sold in the customized version of ‘S2’ the new model. The limited edition was designed in two colors, red and metal, reinterpreting the ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ logo.

Yoon Seok-heon, head of Nexon’s new business division, said, “In order to expand the IP of ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ in a variety of ways outside of the game, we have collaborated with ‘Super73’, which is very popular among domestic and foreign celebrities, and DU, a limited edition content platform.” He added, “In the future, we will continue to showcase collaborations between Nexon IP, other high-end brands, and brands that can tell interesting stories. Through the collaboration, we expect to create additional value for Nexon IP.”

Meanwhile, ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ X’Super73′ custom bikes will be sold in a raffle format on DU (Design United), a limited edition content platform operated by Shinsegae International. The raffle will run until the 18th of this month, and the results will be announced on the 20th. Winners will be able to purchase the product between September 20th and 22nd.

More information about ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ X ‘Super73’ can be found at DU (Design United).

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom