– No. 1 market share in corporate mail/groupware in 2019 (27.3%)

– Exceeded 130,000 customers using Hiworks in 2020

– No. 1 in the Android OS MAU-based collaboration tool industry in Korea

Currently, the world economy is in turmoil due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak. However, IT, content, and bio companies located in Pangyo did well in domestic and overseas markets, and this gives hope to related industries and many startups. In this issue, we looked into the achievements and major activities of Gabia Hiworks with number one market share in groupware and mail service in Korea.

Gabia’s cloud groupware Hiworks was ranked first in the collaboration tool industry in Korea based on the number of Android OS users (MAU) in the mobile collaboration tool market survey. According to the Collaboration Tool App User Status Report released by the Mobile Index, in the analysis of monthly active users (MAU) of apps based on Android OS in October, Gabia Hiworks became number one in the collaboration tool industry in Korea by recording more than 100,000 users, beating Naver Works (70,000 users) and JANDI (60,000 users). Especially, Hiworks was also ranked first in the groupware and mail service area in Korea in 2019.

Recently, many companies have created working environments where employees can work at home without having to commute to offices to cope with COVID-19. Changes such as the spread of shared offices and telecommuting have existed in the past, and the COVID pandemic is accelerating such changes. Adding to this, as the method of performing business non-face-to-face saw the light due to COVID, competition in the IT industry for non-face-to-face services intensified, and as a result, new technologies are rapidly being introduced and advanced.

“There is a growing interest in non-face-to-face services, but it is true that companies are having so much difficulty in suddenly changing the existing business framework,” said Lee Ho-jun, the head of the Gabia Hiworks Division. He said, “We need to understand the context of the environment so that we can suggest a solution or service that is not too far from reality.”

Gabia, which services the cloud groupware Hiworks, is a company that provides integrated infrastructure services ranging from cloud, groupware, security, domain, and hosting to companies that need the IT environment. Gabia launched the Hiworks brand starting with the launch of Gabia Webmail in 2008, and is developing and servicing messenger, electronic tax invoice, unlimited mail, mobile app, and electronic payment functions. Also, recently, it provides functions that are one step ahead of the times, such as 52-hour weekly attendance management and video conferencing, and is solidifying its position as groupware with the largest market share.

Gabia Hiworks is currently the leading groupware company in Korea with 130,000 customers. Lee said, “Because it is based on Gabia Cloud, we can build cloud groupware at a reasonable price compared to other companies, and we are continuously improving the service by actively applying customer feedback. Since this is a cloud-based groupware, updates are made automatically, so customers can always use the latest version of groupware without any separate installation or update process.” With this, in Hiworks, users can use most of the business functions necessary for business, including corporate mail, electronic payment, messenger, electronic tax invoice, and 52-hours weekly attendance management. Also, it is receiving great response from startups and SMEs because it provides an environment where they can work anytime and anywhere with video conferencing and mobile office functions necessary for home or remote work.

Gabia’s operating profit increased by more than 30% this year by providing the technology necessary for the non-face-to-face era like cloud and security services as well as groupware in a timely manner. Also, the groupware Hiworks was rated highly satisfactory by quickly introducing services that customers need such as video conferencing found out from the new customer survey conducted in 2020. Gabia Hiworks is soon to launch the NEW Attendance Management Program to handle 52-hour weekly attendance management which will be mandatory for companies with 50 or more employees starting January 1 of next year.

Lee said, “Hiworks’ goal for 2021 is to expand its portfolio and establish itself as a platform so that companies will think that this is the only solution they need. Starting with the NEW Attendance Management Program, we are going to expand the solution to provide solutions all businesses like sales management and collaborative tools with just Hiworks, and connect the customer management solution including ERP by expanding API to evolve into work platform.”

With this, in the case of electronic tax invoice service in detail, the API will be improved continuously through advanced work, and the consignment/reverse issuance function will be introduced. Especially, since it is the groupware that handles corporate information, it plans to continuously update security technologies by focusing on security-related functions. Lee said, “We are planning to limit access by users on sensitive information in the organization, and also add the auditing feature. The most important direction for us is to provide APIs so that companies can expand functions in the desired forms, and make it possible to connect to Hiworks with the existing system easily. We are going to help so that the functions that Hiworks is not providing can be expanded freely within the platform.”

Gabia is based in Pangyo Technovalley with IT technology leaders such as Kakao, NHN and NC Soft. What’s different about Gabia is that it is located in Pangyo along with its subsidiaries, so the company can have discussions regarding business and cooperation in person quickly. About being located in Pangyo, Lee said, “The biggest advantage of the businesses located in Pangyo Technovalley is that it is easy to cooperate between companies. The best part about Pangyo is that we can share diverse information and be encouraged to focus on product development from healthy competition. The core talents that are leading the IT industry are flocking in Pangyo, so we can always exchange the talents from the best pool, which is another great point.”

Hiworks, the groupware with the no. 1 market share selected by Lee Juck