Since its establishment in 2015, SuperTrack. the educational company that boasts exports of educational contents every year, is currently planning to enter the South American market as well as Asia and the United States. AVING News interviewed We Gyeon, the CEO of SuperTrack, which participated in the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) KTVF.

Please introduce your company briefly.

SuperTrack is an educational company founded by MBA alumni of Seoul National University in 2015. Because of our entrepreneurship, our company has become a training partner for IT training and Amazon Web Services, providing cloud computing training. In 2018, SuperTrack had provided education in the field of children’s coding such as maker education and STEM (Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Mathematics (M)) education. During this process, we became the sole distributor of Makeblock, the world’s second largest STEM educational toy in 2019. We then formed a global education network with Coding Galaxy, Code Club Korea Committee, and Coding101 and launched the online coding education platform One The Code in February 2020.

Please introduce your main products and systems.

One The Code is a non-face-to-face coding educational channel. Currently, it provides customized course recommendations for each student level, real-time training, and VOD training, and SuperTrack’s Korea Maker Heroes competition winners and training materials from Make X competition that over 60 countries are participating for free. Also, we are selling the necessary teaching materials for coding, IoT, and AI.

SuperTrack has developed coding educational toys that combine coding and making to make learning the latest technologies such as AI and the IoT easy and fun. There are various products the you can make stylish smart watches with simple coding, halo code super pack you can make arc reactor-shaped necklaces, halo code school pack you can store school education set easily, AI makers kit that you can make many types of AI products with various sensors and driving modules, and smart homes. The coolest thing is that all these educational toys support AI functions such as voice recognition, vision recognition, and machine learning.

Staff of SuperTrack

Colleagues from Seoul National University co-founded this company. I worked for 10 years as an IT expert at Samsung SDS before studying MBA at Seoul National University, and after MBA, I worked for five years as the head of a Korean corporation in a logistics automation company called Swisslog. After this Swiss company merged with a German company, the company reduced the Korean branch. I developed this corporation from one-person branch, but when I left, there was not much meaning left for me. So, I started a business rather than a job, and I started an educational company with the people from MBA who had the same vision. Currently, Director Kim Jong-seop is in charge of AWS training and MS Azure training, and serves as COO. Seven newly recruited education experts are in charge of curriculum planning, educational toy development, course operation, product manufacturing, promotion, and marketing.

What are your plans for the future?

The English name is One The Code. Of course, it also contains the meaning of “Wonder,” which implies curiosity and searching for answers. Moreover, the reason for selecting the name for SuperTrack’s coding education platform service for children One The Code was because students had to study too much, and to become the “only coding education platform that wakes up the imagination.”

As such, we believe that Korea’s competitive culture, educational content in education, and edutech companies are essential to entering the global market. Just as Micro:bit from Taiwan and Singapore are being exported more than $1 million from all over the world, SuperTrack also wants to export educational toys and educational contents to the world through AI and IoT educational toys.

Direction sought by the company

Coding is like learning another language, so it’s important to continue learning without losing curiosity. If students are taught coding by simple memorization, it can have the adverse effect of hating coding. It seems to me that the technology to express small problems and small projects in life is important.

So in One The Code, we pursued Project Based Learning and created a platform by intensively considering channels that can communicate with teachers about source code. SuperTrack aims to create a world where all teenagers and students can easily access coding through One The Code platform.

Was there a KTVF program that was helpful?

We have received product improvement program by KTVF’s Startup Leap Success Package. Thanks to receiving training and support fund related to product improvement, we were able to launch Halo Code Super Pack, School Pack, and AI Maker’s Kit.

Any last words you would like to say?

SuperTrack aims to provide better coding education to teenagers and students through One The Code coding education platform, and to provide teachers with the necessary educational toys and teaching materials at the right price at the right time.

In particular, with COVID-19, the importance of non-face-to-face education channels has grown, providing teacher/lecturer training and special lectures for students more than three times per month. I hope many of you will prepare for a better future with One The Code’s education and SuperTrack’s AI and IoT coding educational toys.

Korea Techno-Venture Foundation (KTVF), which supported companies participating in the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition), is a non-profit foundation funded by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to promote new technology startups and support global advancement. Since its establishment in 2001, it has established a close cooperation network with research institutes, universities and related institutions, as well as overseas organizations in Japan and the Eurasia region, and have promoted step-by-step customized support projects that connects “startup – fostering – commercialization – global marketing” to create the entrepreneurship ecosystem. KTVF said, “As an accelerator that supports global technology commercialization through discovering, fostering, and investing in tech-startups with high growth potential, we intend to contribute to the success and job creation of small and medium-sized venture companies.”

The global news network AVING News has begun holding the MIK Hot Spot (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) to help small and medium-sized companies enter the market and attract investment 365 days a year’ AVING News has been running online exhibitions since 2005 and had 975 online exhibitions so far. Its YouTube online exhibition has placed itself as Korea’s largest online exhibition hall that opens with 19,000 videos (booths) with more than 800,000 visits per month which means more than 10 million visits per year.

The MIK HOT SPOT online exhibition is scheduled to be held regularly according to the field, target market, and participating institutions, and it will be presented as a new type of online business by transforming the know-hows and values of the participating companies according to the trend. Companies that want to participate can apply and apply through the marketing support projects from supporting institutions in the local governments. Refer to the institutions for more information.

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