Operon/Operon Advantech booth at KOREA PACK Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Operon participated in the KOREA LAB Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 held at KINTEX, Goyang from May 25 (Tue) to 28 (Fri), and its introduced organic solvent freeze dryer LYCF-12015.

Operon is a company that has been manufacturing scientific equipment related to refrigeration such as freeze dryers, cryogenic freezers, cryogenic test chambers, cryogenic freezers, cold traps, and speed vacuums in Korea for 30 years. It is supplying its products, including cryogenic refrigeration systems patented in 4 countries to over 3,000 companies, research institutes, universities, hospitals in 30 countries.

The freeze dryer for organic solvents (LYCF-12015) introduced at this exhibition, is equipped with a patented cryogenic freezing cycle and boasts strong freezing performance below 120℃ and can freeze and collect organic solvents. Park Hye-seong, the vice president of Operon, said, “In the case of organic solvent samples, it is common that they are not collected in a -85 degree freeze dryer due to their low freezing point and volume that expands hundreds of times compared to general samples. It causes breakage of the vacuum pump and cooler.” Then, he expressed his pride in the product, saying, “Our product solved this problem.”

Park Hye-seong, Vice President of Operon/Operon Advantech & Freeze Dryer for Organic Solvent LYCF-12015 | Courtesy of Operon/Operon Advantech

The freeze dryer exclusively for organic solvent has been receiving more attention as the control unit performance has been updated. Log data such as temperature, vacuum, and various alarms are saved, and graph display, differential pressure status, and voltage status can be checked. Also, because the AI Advisor function is installed, when the set performance value is lower than the set performance value, the user can know the performance status of the device as a percentage and take action related to it.

Also, using the patented pre-freezing system, it is possible to process pre-freeze-freeze-drying at once without using a separate cryogenic freezer. It is an all-in-one system that can quickly load organic solvent samples and freeze-dry them.

The Energy Saving Freeze Dryer (FDTE-50100) which was also exhibited together, is equipped with a patented energy-saving refrigeration cycle and saves energy by more than 50%, and its price competitiveness is also emphasized. According to the official, the product is suitable for start-up companies entering exotic fields such as insect food and kimchi powder.

Another competitive advantage of this product is that both chambers can be used independently. Samples with strong odors can be freeze-dried in each chamber, and only one side can be operated if the quantity is small. Even when it breaks, the other side works, preventing sudden production stoppages and providing a stable system.

Energy-saving freeze dryer FDTE-50100 | Courtesy of Operon/Operon Advantech

Park said, “Based on our unique refrigeration technology, we would like to contribute to the widespread of freeze dryers by supplying freeze dryers to various industries.” He then said, “We are also focusing on cryogenic-related products that are essential in special fields. We will provide an optimal solution that meets consumer needs.”

Before the opening of KOREA PACK 2021, an online exhibition hall service where visitors can see exhibitors’ products was unveiled on May 17 (Mon). This online exhibition hall was designed for overseas buyers who cannot enter Korea due to COVID pandemic and Korean SMEs having difficulty entering overseas. The organizer is supporting export channels by holding the first online export consultation at the KINTEX from May 25 to 28 for Korean exhibitors and buyers that have been matched.

Hosted by Kyongyon Exhibition Co., Korea Packaging Machinery Association, KIP, and PackNet, the items exhibited at KOREA PACK Special and ICPI WEEK 2021 are as follows. △Packaging machine △Packaging material △Packaging label/digital printing △Packaging robot △Pharmaceutical/cosmetic related machinery △Food related machinery △Package design △Packaging plant engineering system

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