Anton Paar Korea booth at KOREA PACK Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Anton Paar Korea participated in the KOREA LAB 2021& ICPI WEEK 2021 held at KINTEX, Goyang from May 25 (Tue) to 28 (Fri), and introduced its analysis and disassembling equipment for stable quality management.

Anton Paar develops, manufactures and distributes accurate laboratory equipment and process metrology systems and provides customized automation and robotic solutions. It is also a world leader in density, concentration, and CO2 measurements, as well as rheological properties.

Especially since 1994, it had a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001, and the system also includes environmental management and safety management. The prudent and responsible use of human and natural resources is at the heart of Anton Paar’s business philosophy, historical element, and the foundation of the management system.

Anton Paar Korea is the Korean branch of an Austrian company and was established in 2015. Currently, it is in charge of sales and service marketing.

Park Jae-nam, head of the technical sales department of Anton Paar Korea, said, “Our products are being sold in cosmetics and chemical fields, and density meter products are widely used in beverage fields such as Coca-Cola and White.”

Anton Paar Korea’s exhibited products | Photo by AVING News

He then said, “Through this exhibition, we are conducting service calls and sales calls, and also receive samples to provide solutions.”

Before the opening of KOREA PACK 2021, an online exhibition hall service where visitors can see exhibitors’ products was unveiled on May 17 (Mon). This online exhibition hall was designed for overseas buyers who cannot enter Korea due to COVID pandemic and Korean SMEs having difficulty entering overseas. The organizer is supporting export channels by holding the first online export consultation at the KINTEX from May 25 to 28 for Korean exhibitors and buyers that have been matched.

Hosted by Kyongyon Exhibition Co., Korea Packaging Machinery Association, KIP, and PackNet, the items exhibited at KOREA PACK Special and ICPI WEEK 2021 are as follows. △Packaging machine △Packaging material △Packaging label/digital printing △Packaging robot △Pharmaceutical/cosmetic related machinery △Food related machinery △Package design △Packaging plant engineering system

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