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[Pangyo Issue] Naver Whale reaps to sow the O2O platform ecosystem for future mobility

November 19th, 2020|EXHIBITION, Pangyo|

- Naver Whale signs a five-party MOU with Drimaes, Team Yper, Carang, and Last 30 Minutes - Advancement O2O service expected by providing an integrated platform in the vehicle... Opens up the possibility of colorful collaboration in the near future Naver Whale announced on November 11 that it has signed MOUs for cooperation in mobility business with Drimaes (CEO Lim [...]

[Pangyo Issue] KakaoTalk introduces open chat auto-response moderator bot

November 17th, 2020|EXHIBITION, Pangyo|

- Automatic answering when newcomers enter, notification messages at set times, and Q&A session available - Takes over the chatroom owner's role to improve the operation efficiency and convenience for chat room... Expected to stimulate Open Chat Kakao (co-CEOs Yeo Min-su, Cho Soo-yong) announced that it newly implemented the Moderator Bot, the automatic answering feature, in KakaoTalk Open Chatroom on [...]

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