(Made in Korea Online Exhibition)

  • AVING YouTube: 35,000 subscribers, 45 million visits, video from 20.000 companies, 1 million visits per month.

  • Green Energy Expo 2019 Online Convention: 100 companies introduced online, 753,357 visits, 7,000 visitors per company.

  • MIK HOT SPOT Online Convention: 1,000 companies participated, 1.8 million visitors, convention on its 15th run.

  • Global network made up of 779 companies from 54 countries, with news reaching 180 countries.

  • YouTube AVING channel power = 800,000 visits per month, over 1 million hours of video viewed (online convention viewing).

  • Much more visitors watched the online exhibitions on YouTube than the offline convention.

  • 975 online exhibitions since 2005 with 112,446 participating companies and 120 million visits, 1,073 visits per company.

Background for Opening Online Exhibition

  • YouTube is the world’s largest exhibition hall with an average monthly audience of over 2 billion.

  • Can open 365 days a year for the price of buying one booth, a truly global network platform that surpasses time and place.

  • Coronavirus opened new roads to business opportunities through online, now a trend rather than countermeasure.

  • The video contents of the company are the exhibition hall / store / buying office / factory presented to the consumers / buyers / investors.

  • The cost of participating in overseas exhibitions is at least 10 million won, which converts to seeing about 100 persons per company.

  • Most hits with objectives can receive interests and feedback from buyers and investors, making it possible to deliver accurate information.