Vonuinco’, a Bag for Our Children’s Safety

Views: 568 / 1,000 (56.8%)
Category: Fashion
Company: Vonuinco
Product model: Vonuinco', a Bag

Arcreative Attracted Much Attention in MIK1111 for Its Eye-Catching Faceoff Bags

Views: 741 / 1,000 (74.1%)
Category: Fashion
Company: Areative
Product model: Faceoff Bags

Soool Selected As The Made-In-Korea Best Enterprise by Elle China and Wanghong

Views: 631 / 1,000 (63.1%)
Category: Fashion
Company: Soool
Product model: Pads for shoes and accessories

Skono Exhibits at MIK to Enter China Market

Views: 779 / 1,000 (77.9%)
Category: Fashion
Company: SKONO
Product model: Entry into the Chinese market

GCodi Enters MIK with Its Sunglasses Brand “Normz”

Views: 602 / 1,000 (60.2%)
Category: Fashion
Company: Normz
Product model: sunglasses

‘Sensation’ Targets Global Market with Its Unique Design

Views: 801 / 1,000 (80.1%)
Category: Fashion
Company: Sensation
Product model: Unique hats

Korea Travel Easy, One-stop Online Commerce Platform of Korean Tourism for Foreigners

Views: 696 / 1,000 (69.6%)
Category: Fashion&Tech
Company: Kore Travel Easy
Product model: One-stop Online Commerce

Star Corporation

Views: 630 / 1,000 (63%)
Category: Beauty&Bio&Fashion
Company: Star Corporation
Product model: Smart LED Dual Mirror
Contact us: star@starcorp.co.kr


Views: 548 / 1,000 (54.8%)
Category: Fashion&Housing&Tech
Company: Buddy
Product model: Buddy
Contact us: ncolab@naver.com

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