Wagang International, which developed Y-line preventive innerware and Dahrum International that launched Mayu cream Epona joined for the Made In Korea Beauty & Party as sponsors, held on the 30th of last month.

The anti-Y-line innerwear ‘Wabang Underwear’ is designed to prevent showing the Y line between the legs when walking wearing a skirt and when wind is blowing by adding a fabric and it uses Forganic ‘fabric for anti-static, quick-drying, anti-bacterial function.

‘Epona Relaxing Deep Moisture Daily Cream’ by Dahrum international is a cream that can help control moisture balance, whitening and wrinkle as it contains an extract of False daisy, which is known to be effective for hemostasis, antibacterial and inflammation and Mayu which is known to be effective is moisturizing. In addition, it contained plant extracts such as white throat mushroom extract, Centella asiatica extract, and Bergamot fruit oil.

Meanwhile, MIK (Made In Korea) is a new concept trade show that was designed to help domestic successful companies to successfully enter overseas markets, and the participating companies had press pitching times with foreign presses and they were introduced to instant internet celebrities from China, domestic agencies, buyers and Youtubers.

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MIK Beauty Media Awardees

VietnamPlus: Chitocross
Yesky : Euro Dental Center
ThaiFranchiseCenter : Ovaco
ELLE China : Ami Cosmetics
THE Rakyat Post : Swanicoco
AVING NEWS : 1618 Atoclassic

MIK Beauty Wanghong Awardees

Xiao Nihai :Chitocross
Qin Yuyu : TheBooum
Yumi : 9Wishes
Wang Yuchun : Touchinsol
Gemini : Dr.Duo
Chen Feifan : Premier D&C

Global News Network ‘AVING’
by Park Ji Yeon (www.aving.net)