SBN was founded in January, 2016 with its slogan ‘Smart World’. SBN is a promising Start-Up which provides various solutions with high-quality WiFi, WiFi infrastructure and IoT Solution.

SBN’s main product is public WiFi which supports high-quality and  high performance services. They also provide a variety of products from wireless devices which is based on the long distance and a stable short distance, controllers and interior and outdoor equipment.

Furthermore, IoT products can interwork with SBN’s WiFi and they provide IoT solutions which affiliates with wireless services like sensors for seniors, dotards, children and animals.

It is a solution which can be applied to personnel management, financial or distribution management and health management. Recently they plan to launch LoRa and Z-wave devices beyond their existed Bluetooth based Beacons.

SBN’s WiFi and IoT products support and customize the abilities that comes from the public business. For the service of broad area, they provide large output and high performance and they maximize the ability with its WiFi filter which handles the interruption of the frequency.

‘Smart Taxi Terminal’ is a smart device that is combined with navigation and payment system. It shows the same fee of the normal navigation and automatically print the receipts out. It also interworks with 3G/LTE network so that it provides location chase, credit card payment and car recorder. They even supports a variety of advertisement and contents after connecting to the monitor of the backseat.

SBN is going to enter in global market with its own products after having MOU with Seoul’s city export cooperation organization. SBN is already a member of COSMIC so that they can cope with global exports.

In Korea, they participate in Seoul senior business, smart city and WiFi business to introduce their products to hospitals and private enterprise.

CEO of SBN, No Seong Jin said “This was our fine chance to promote our company and products with comfortable atmosphere and we expect the big promotion effect after having a contact with foreign reporters.” “It was a precious time to have a cooperation with other companies and enjoy the networking party” he said.

Made in Korea was open to promote Korean companies in the age of ever-changing economy. It is the event that was planned to help Korean companies find new sales channels and global network. AVING News is the host of this networking party with a new concept, devised to maximize the marketing effect and opportunity for making new businesses.

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♦ Foreign Medias in MIK 2016

• Xinhuanet – Cultural newspaper that deals with Korea-China cultural exchange and Chinese stars
• Yesky – China’s well-known IT media
• Vietnam Plus – Vietnam’s most comprehensive news website
• Female Daily – Indonesia’s best online beauty portal
• Arctic Startup – Finland’s online startup media
• Pronews – Japan’s professional video industry web magazine
• TechnoBuffalo – The US’s IT and mobile online media
• The Rakyat Post – Malaysia’s English-run media covering the news from worldwide
• Drone.JP – Japan’s video and camera media that provides diverse information about drones
• Fashion Wind – Media in China that specializes in textile and fashion

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  【天极网MIK频道】SBN公司是刚刚参加今年“Made In Korea”展会的一家IoT解决方案公司,公司的宗旨是“智慧世界”,成立于2016年1月,提供WIFI基础设施和IoT解决方案,还提供符合公共场所的高性能WIFI等很多解决方案。