– The main banner of Zalo Shop Korea Pavilion posted by an exclusive contract with Vietnam messenger Zalo

– To be serviced in Indonesia and Cambodia first, and then to Russia, Africa, and India

With the increasing popularity of K-culture and K-beauty in the global market, many companies are seeking to expand overseas. However, very few companies successfully enter overseas markets. There may be many reasons, but the biggest problem is the lack of information and marketing for overseas markets. Vietmate CEO Shin Deok-hwa said, “We started this business to lower the barriers to entry into overseas markets and support the marketing that meets the local circumstances. With our system, you will at least have no difficulties in exporting your products to the Vietnam and ASEAN markets because of the export procedures and marketing.”

Founded in 2017, Vietmate is an IT-based trading platform company that supports overseas market development for all Vietnamese-related companies, and is helping domestic companies enter the market through mobile, online, and offline channels. It is also providing a system that allows products to be delivered overseas directly from Korea. The company’s biggest strength is that it is able to support K-beauty in all directions as it has 800,000 data of B2B official buyers related to cosmetics.

Shin advised, “Vietnam is a country that is long geographical length, 2,000 km long from north to south divided into 63 administrative districts. In Vietnam, most payments are made by cash, not credit cards, and the payment is often made after the customer receives it and is happy with it. This is why the companies should choose an intermediate channel that can safely make payments safely and quickly.”

Currently, with an exclusive contract, Vietmate is running the Zalo Shop Korean Pavilion in the e-commerce platform of Zalo, a national messenger (100 million subscribers) of Vietnam. With this, the marketing effect can be maximized by exposing the brands of Korean companies. It is also supporting the online sales of Korean companies with Shopee and Sendo, the top companies in Vietnam’s online e-commerce shops.

For a more stable entry into the local market, marketing support through mobile and online as well as offline is important. For this reason, Vietmate has discovered offline channels with mobile and online, and connected to customers. It even provides customer service (CS). It is supporting offline sales of Korean companies with an exclusive contract with Medicare, the number one offline distribution company and SPA Association, the number three distribution offline market in Vietnam.

 Viet Mate is the only Korean company that has a vendor contract with the Vietnam SPA Association (South) to store Medicare’s consumer products, and its SPA agents are made up of about 20,000 agents across Vietnam. “Our primary service targets are major B2B manufacturing companies in the consumer goods industry (cosmetics, food, fashion, and home appliances), and our secondary service targets are shopping mall openers and sellers in Korea, and sellers who wish to enter overseas,” explains Shin. “It is our job to support them so that they can enter overseas markets more easily.”

Meanwhile, Vietmate is providing a One-Cycle System service that covers mobile, online, and offline for companies that want to enter the local market in Vietnam as well as Indonesia and Cambodia. It is providing branding and sales support services for Korean companies through the Cambodia localization O2O strategy. In Indonesia, it is providing the CBT (reverse direct purchase from Korea) business with Ralali Group as the first Korean company.

The company has built business partnerships in the ASEAN region for the past three years. Shin said, “Based on this experience, we will attract Korean pavilions to the Russian, African, and Indian markets from next year and conclude negotiations with top e-commerce companies for CBT. The only thing the customers need to do is to be prepared to enter the overseas markets they want with our services with reduced costs, increased efficiency, and quick expansion.”

About Pangyo, Shin said, “It has a great advantage in that companies with IT-based technology are gathered to give each other growth engines and create new opportunities in this close network. I am learning passion and persistence, and I am getting a lot of help through the network.”